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Ample Agents LLC NFT Review - Awesome concept, low supply, future blue chip NFT in Secret Network? Mint today. 👔 🖥️

Ample Agents LLC NFT Review

Things are starting to heat up in the Secret Network, Stashh was launched and several Secret NFT launched in the last ten days.

Probably the project I am most excited about out of the not-yet-launched Secret NFTs are the Ample Agents LLC. Solid team, brilliant artwork and a great concept around the capabilities Secret NFTs offers make me bullish on this project. So, here follows a short write-up on Ample Agents LLC NFT (including teasers and mint details).

Table of contents:

  • Short video explaining Secret NFTs;
  • Ample Agents LLC mint details;
  • Official contact details of the project;
  • Artwork;
  • Usage of Secret Metadata;
  • Ample Agents Roadmap;
  • FAQ.

Short video about Secret NFTs

Ample Agents LLC NFT Mint Details

  • When does the mint start? 27th of December, 07:00 PM UTC.
  • What is the mint price? 169 $sSCRT*.
  • NFT supply: 69 Agents.
  • Whitelist supply: N/A.
  • Mint website: Stashh.
  • Minting perk: Each new NFT will grant a 1-year subscription of Alter.

*Please note that the token used for mint is not $SCRT, it is the secret version $sSCRT. You can swap or convert to secretSCRT. Guides below on how to go about it. You will, however, need a small amount of $SCRT in our Keplr Wallet to cover for gas fees, as the transactions are paid using $SCRT. Mint = $sSCRT. Gas fees = $SCRT.

Official contact details:

General Secret NFT mint guides:

Ample Agents LLC fantastic concept

The art of the Ample Agents is fantastic, so is the concept. I already mentioned some parallels with a great comic called Saga, where a character called Prince Robot IV has a big, bulky television as a head. The Ample Agents obviously have a big, bulky computer monitor instead. With each agent displaying different content on their screens. So far, every Ample Agent I've seen is wearing a custom suit. With each Ample Agent appearing in different locations, reflected by the background of each NFT.

Each Ample Agent NFT is hand drawn and has different attributes along with a custom hidden attribute.

Standard attributes:

  • Sunglasses(7 styles).
  • Earpiece(4 styles).
  • Tie or Bowtie.
  • Suit(10 styles).

Rare attributes:

  • Animated Screen(7 styles).
  • Mask(4 styles).
  • Headphones.
  • Hat.
  • Undercover Attire.

Secret attributes:

  • Unlockable variants.

Ample Agents LLC NFT teasers

Examples of the dope artwork and concept around Ample Agents.

Ample Agents LLC NFT Review Teaser
If this is an actual Ample Agent NFT- I want it. Alter baby.
Ample Agents LLC NFT Review Teaser 2
Another example of Ample Agents LLC NFT.
Ample Agents LLC NFT Review Teaser 3
A third example of Ample Agents NFT.

Usage of Secret Metadata in Ample Agents NFT

After minting an Ample Agent NFT, you will be assigned a task/s. From what I have gathered from official communication is that every agent has a unique task attached to it. At this point, all tasks are secret, and we will see if any lucky owners reveal what the tasks include.

One of the pieces of Secret Metadata is real-world coordinates corresponding with either the agent's assignment, its background, or the computer monitor content.

Additionally, each Ample Agent NFT will come with one secret custom trait.

Ample Agents LLC NFT Roadmap

Ample Agents LLC NFT roadmap includes "Metaverse integration" for Ample Agents V2. 👀

Ample Agents LLC NFT Review Roadmap
Ample Agents NFT roadmap.

FAQ Ample Agents LLC NFT

Is Ample Agents LLC NFT the best Secret NFT?

Debatable, definitely right up there with Anons and Redacted Rabbits if you ask me. So, in my book, a top 3 Secret NFT in the current playing field. 💎

Can I mint with $SCRT?

No, you will need the secret version of $SCRT - please convert to secretSCRT ($sSCRT) following this guide.

How do I get a Secret Address?

You can get it by creating and use Keplr Wallet, read guide here.

What Wallet do I use to mint Ample Agents LLC?

You need to use Keplr Wallet to mint Ample Agents NFT.

Where can I mint Ample Agents NFT?

The mint of Ample Agents NFT will take place on the Stashh marketplace in relation to the official launch.

How many can I mint?

Unlimited, as long as the supply lasts. I would expect it to mint out fast, considering the low supply. Exclusive this one.

Can I mint more than one at once?

Not known yet, but I would assume that there is a cap of one per transaction given the low supply.

How much $SCRT do I need for gas?

You will be safe with around 0.25 $SCRT for gas, a good rule of thumb is to keep 1 $SCRT for gas. You don't want to be stranded anywhere along the way.

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