Birds of Solana 🐦 💎

A crazy bird fever has taken over the Solana NFT community:

  1. Thugbirdz
  2. Pesky Penguin Club - NOOT NOOT
  3. Flamingo Party - HONK HONK
  4. Little Noots - NOOT NOOT #2

1. Thugbirdz - 69 SOL

Thugbirdz, the OG birds (3,333) of the Solana ecosystem, leading the rest of the flock.

After launching, they have cemented themselves as one of the key communities in the Solana NFT ecosystem - rivalling Solana Monkey Business. Or, the very least, the bird version of Solana Monkey Business.

Thugbirdz are all about community:

  • NFT Escrow Marketplace as an alternative to traditional marketplaces.
  • Airdrops to Thugbirdz hodlers.
  • Thugbirdz newsletter.
  • Artist outreach program, encouraging graphical artists to collab with Thugbirdz.
  • Artist outreach program, encouraging musical artists to collab with Thugbirdz.
  • IRL Meet-ups.

However, getting into the Thugbirdz community and owning a unique NFT is rather pricey. Current floor price is 69.00 SOL.

Thugbirdz NFT.

2. Pesky Penguin Club - 10.68 SOL

The Pesky Penguins are chased by a (deflationary) snowball that slowly removes penguins from the floor. The way it works is that part of the sale made in secondary markets is added to a snowball account. The funds in that account is then regularly used to pick up the cheapest penguins sitting on the floor.

The community of Pesky Penguin Club has grown to rival that of Thugbirdz but has a significantly larger supply at 8,888 Pesky Penguins. The burn mechanism has reduced the supply to 8,686 since mint was carried out in October.

While the community of Pesky Penguins is strong, it is still young and the project as a whole will need some time to build up the type of community initiatives that Thugbirdz has up and running.

Noot Noot!

Pesky Penguin Club NFT.

3. Flamingo Party - 4 SOL

The latest bird in the Solana NFT ecosystem is the Flamingo Party, that skyrocketed in the second markets after a slow stealth mint.

After a successful stealth mint (1,111) that took around 3 days, the team started the work to get listed on and Magic Eden. It took an additional two days to get listed on, and as soon as the "Mingos" hit the secondary market, Mingos heated up.

At the peak yesterday (18/11), the floor price was above 4 SOL with around 40 Flamingos listed. FOMO hit hard and once it cooled down the floor crashed down to around 2 SOL. Not too shabby for a first day considering the minting price was 0.22 SOL. Magic Eden listed Flamingos today, and secondary markets slowly started climbing up again. Now it has settled around 4 SOL floor for the last two hours

Besides giving strong Thugbirdz vibes through the art, Flamingo Party is ambitious regarding community initiatives. Including airdrops to hodlers of Flamingo NFT ($SHRIMP), and distribution of merch to OG's and passionate Mingos (for free).

Similarly to Pesky Penguins, Flamingo Party has a community fund where 50% of sales will help further the growth of the community through marketing initiatives, and floor sweeping.

Honk Honk!

Flamingo Party NFT.

4. Little Noots - 0.22 SOL

Little Noots NFT (2,222) is a derivative of Pesky Penguins, but alongside the hundreds of derivative NFTs, Little Noots is actually awesome, fun, and promising.

Compared to the other NFT bird projects, Little Noots aviary is teeming with utility:

  • Little Noot DAO via Grape.
  • $NOOT Tokens (utility token) earned by staking Little Noots.
  • McNoot Nests minting- residences to host Little Noots, 5% of secondary sales of McNoot Nests is redistributed to Genesis Little Noots hodlers forever.
  • Noot Baby Incubator - Breed two Genesis Little Noots and get a Kawaii Noot Baby. 0.5% of secondary sales of Kawaii Noot Baby goes to Community Treasury. 2.5% of secondary sales of Kawaii Noot Baby is redistributed to Genesis Little Noot Holders forever.
  • DeFi integrations (no details as of yet).
  • 3D NFT Little Noots.
  • Community initiatives - including sending 3 Genesis Little Noot hodlers to an all-inclusive trip to Solana Foundation Breakpoint conference in 2022.
  • And more - check the roadmap.

And yeah, the community is strong, and growing. Sub-222 NFTs can be sniped up not far above current floor of 0.22. LFG. Don't snooze on this one at these levels. WAGMI.


One of my Little Noots #476 (Rank 195) sniped close to current floor. Bald zombie LFG.

Be careful when minting and buying Solana NFTs, follow this guide around best practices from a safety perspective.


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