List of $BLINK coin triggers for growth - could we get a 2000% increase in the short term?

A few days ago I wrote this coin review of $BLINK where I covered different aspects of the BLINK project. At the time of writing that $BLINK coin review the price was $0.1433. When I started writing this the price was $0.42. Mid-way through the price was $0.25 and when I write these words the price is $0.36.

$BLINK is highly volatile. The volumes are low because there is a low supply, very low market capitalization and low volumes due to difficulty in obtaining $BLINK coins. Even a small-medium sell-off by someone can cause large fluctuations, both up and down. What is important is that we, over the long run are headed far north. Read on to my conclusion to learn how far and why we will get there.

$BLINK coin is highly volatile. 7-Days price chart from CoinMarketCap.

Short background to WINK and BLINK

This is the first online gambling dApp running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The project shares many similarities to WINK. WINK always had the goal of building a multi-chain online gambling ecosystem. Many people seem to be unaware of this aspect. BLINK is their next project that is being built and managed alongside WINK.

As you may know, WINK runs on the TRON network and has been operational since 2017. BLINK on the other hand runs on the BSC. So, these are two separate projects from the same team. WINK is part of TRON network's "big five" projects that has a strong support from TRX and Justin Sun. It is frequently included in TRX mining competition and other promotions. WINK was the first dApp running on the TRON blockchain. It was also the first iGaming IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) to launch on Binance launchpad.

The team behind WINK and BLINK always had strong support from both TRON (and Justin Sun) and Binance (and Changpeng Zhao).

BLINK was the first large-scale dApp to launch on the BSC and is today the biggest (by far) online gambling dApp running on BSC.

For more information on the $BLINK, read my review (link at the beginning of this post). Below I will list a couple of possible growth triggers. All which have the potential to catapult the price and market capitalization of the $BLINK coin.

Four growth triggers for $BLINK coin

There are several aspects why I think $BLINK has a shiny bright future ahead of itself. The common denominator for all the triggers of different sizes is the fact that $BLINK is in its infancy. We are at ground zero right now and there is a mirror project running on a different chain that is comparable since they share the same strategy, vision and team - just that the chain is different, community is different and different stakeholders (mainly thinking about Justin Sun TRON and CZ Binance).

The BLINK platform is going to play catch-up with WINK throughout 2021. Today the gap between the two platforms are significant which is why the market capitalization differs so much between the projects. Which bring me to my first $BLINK growth trigger.

1. Add more game content to the BLINK platform

The BLINK platform only have DICE and the recently introduced Hi-Lo game. Comparable to most online casino and gambling sites today, this offering is minimal. Without a good game offering, of course, there is little to attract new players with. Players come to play right, and right now there are not many games to play.

If you head over to the WINK platform on the other hand, the site is much more mature with a full 360 offering including in-house games, all online casino verticals and sports betting.

Remember that the team behind both WINK and BLINK aim to have a multi-chain online gambling platform. WINK is by blockchain standards old and mature, it has many integrations and adoption. BLINK on the other hand is young, adding new games is not made overnight. But it is something that the team is working on and what is most important here is that the BLINK online gambling platform is fully licensed and regulated. Additionally, the in-house games running on WINK that is missing from BLINK have been approved from a regulatory perspective and is OK to offer players. This means that the in-house games can be added to BLINK pending adoption to BSC and the BLINK platform, these games include:

  • Moon
  • Ring
  • Duel
  • Mine

"Traditional" online casino games and sports bet offering

What is also missing from the BLINK online gambling platform is the fully-fledged online casino and online sports bet offering. Again, gambling licences are extremely important. BLINK has these and can effectively integrate online casino providers and sportsbook providers. Such online casino providers include iGaming industry giants like Evolution, NetEnt and MicroGaming. Leveraging such casino and sports betting software will enable BLINK to offer:

  • Slot Games
  • Live Casino (Live Blackjack, Live Roulette etc)
  • Live Casino Game Shows
  • Table Games (Blackjack, Roulette etc)
  • Scratch Cards
  • Poker (Texas Hold'Em)
  • Sports betting (both pre-match and live betting)

As more games are added, the game offering gap between WINK and BLINK closes. More players will engage with games on the platform, more users, more value stored and the value of $BLINK coin will go up.

As the game offering increase and more players engage on the platform, the utility of $BLINK coin comes into play. Which leads me to my next $BLINK growth triggers.

2. $BLINK tokenomics comes into play

WINK and BLINK share the same mechanics for their tokenomics. This is made up of "Freezing" and "Blinkdrops". Blinkdrops are effectively daily airdrops rewarded from freezing. Freezing share many similarities to staking, with an important difference, there is no risk of slashing/risk of losing assets.

BLINK Freezing - how it works

How it works in practice is that you freeze a percentage of your $BLINK coin that you have in your BLINK account. Then you are rewarded in proportion to your stake in the freeze pool. The rewards are generated daily from the activity on the BLINK platform and is paid out in $BNB. Remember the games I mentioned earlier, people play these, and they win and lose money. Some are lucky and are profitable with their gambling while most others are unlucky and lose money. The total net win or loss of the day on the platform, aggregated from all the casino games and betting, is distributed to users who freeze $BLINK.

If there is a net win that means that every one is rewarded. So essentially, the casino and sportsbook makes money = rewards are distributed.

If there is a net loss that means that no rewards are distributed. The rewards are calculated on the profits, no profits = no rewards are distributed. The good thing is that you do not lose anything if the casino is not profitable.

I am an iGaming professional with over 10 years working with casino and sportsbook products. I know all the ins and outs of the products. I have accumulated stocks in big iGaming companies like Betsson, Kindred and Kambi through the years and essentially read more or less every quarterly and annual report from these companies. Why I am highlighting this is because I want to share just how profitable these companies are.

The profit margins are very high in online gambling companies. Revenues have around 80/20 split between Casino/Sports. And online casino has very, very few negative days in a year. Sports is less profitable and sees a lot more negative days but typically with enough turnover during a 365-day span, the profit margin in sportsbook is typically around 8-12%. Casino is much higher. Important for the BLINK gambling platform is that profits are calculated on the aggregated value of their whole offering. I would assume that BLINK will have a revenue split of around 80/20, meaning that casino profits will likely always cover any negative days from sports betting. Resulting in a net win almost daily. This means daily Blinkdrops from freezing.‚Äć

Important note:

The BLINK online gambling platform only has two games at the moment. Which means that there is not much to play, as a result, the transaction volumes for games is very low. Effectively there are no rewards to speak of. This will change once more games are added to the platform. Both the number of users and stored value on the platform is much higher than WINK. Since WINK has many games, the TX and Volumes are of course much higher as it correlates with the number of games. Once games are added TX and Volumes on BLINK should catapult. Below are the statistics for usage of both the WINK dApp and BLINK dApp, data from DappRadar.

BLINK stats are insane. That value and number of users is a bomb, the games is what is needed to ignite the bomb and TX and Volumes will explode. When this happens, the utility of $BLINK will come into play and the value of $BLINK will increase.

Currently, the rewards would be based on $BNB which is another limitation in unlocking the potential of $BLINK. Which brings us to the next $BLINK coin growth trigger. If you want to set up your account in order to start freezing (staking) on BLINK, you can do it from here.

WINK online gambling platform usage 30-day period.
BLINK online gambling platform usage 30-day period.

Additional benefits of holding $BLINK

$BLINK will benefit from a large promotional event hosted through the BLINK platform. For example, in the past, WINK organized charitable poker tournaments where users of the platform could play with celebrities. Among others, both CZ Binance and Justin Sun attended. A closely linked Binance project like BLINK will for sure benefit from the exposure of CZ Binance.

3. Multi-currency payments

$BLINK only allows $BNB at the moment. WINK in comparison allows for several coins which makes the platform more accessible for users to sign up and start playing. Let's say that there are five different options of paying, this gives the user many ways of depositing money to the platform. When there is only one option it makes it much more difficult to deposit. If a person does not hold any $BNB, then they have to acquire $BNB to get started. Whereas with many options, especially more popular and common ones, it is likely that the user have funds available to deposit.

Additionally, WINK freeze rewards are paid out in $TRX, $BTT and $USDT whereas $BLINK only rewards $BNB at the moment.

So, more deposit options reduce the friction in people depositing which will increase the number of active users, stored value and the number of TX and volumes.

More payment options on BLINK online gambling platform.

$BLINK listing on exchange (Binance)

The fourth and last of the four major growth triggers I wanted to cover is the rumoured, pending listing with a world-class exchange.

In my mind, this is a fact and not a rumor. But of course, until it happens it is only speculative. What we know is that the team behind WINK and BLINK, is working on listing $BLINK on a major exchange. It is an actual item in their roadmap, listed as a delivery for Q1. Q1 already ended, and we did not get a listing (yet). Anyone with more than two weeks experience in software and product development knows that delays are common. Considering the Q1 target for a listing exchange, having it delivered in Q2 is almost guaranteed.


Why I mentioned Binance is because the close ties to Binance. WINK has always been supported by Binance and the same is true for BLINK. Additionally, BLINK runs on the Binance Smart Chain and is the most popular gaming dApp in their ecosystem. $BNB is directly related to the project and Binance would benefit greatly from increased adoption of the BLINK online gambling platform.

$BLINK listing on Binance is likely to happen soon.

Conclusion $BLINK coin triggers

This is a speculative list, of course. I am in no way associated with the team behind BLINK, WINK or any other blockchain mentioned in this post. However, I base my ideas on actual communication from official resources. Building a state-of-the-art online gambling platform on BSC is a goal. It will closely mirror WINKs platform.

The tokenomics of BLINK and WINK are shared and already implemented.

Allowing multi-currency is a must for an online gambling platform and the possibilities of more BEP-20 token distribution will increase the utility and value of $BLINK.

Given the ambition of the team and their communication, a listing is pending. It is a work in progress. Given the ties to Binance and the fact that it runs on BSC, makes a Binance listing likely.

I think it is likely that within the near future, all of these growth triggers will be triggered. Only if just one or two kicks in, the value of $BLINK will start to close into that of WINK which will catapult the price of $BLINK coin. As I outlined in my $BLINK analysis (link at the top of this page), a 2000% increase in the price of $BLNK is possible if it matches the market capitalization of WINK.