How I would have packaged and framed $BLINK Roadmap update plus some positive takeaways

The first thing I want to highlight is this:

In the daily report (what is being worked on as we speak, daily) it is communicated that the following is being worked on, from the WINK/BLINK Telegram News channel:

BLINk pre-listing communication work
See point 4, 6, 7 and 9. All related to the BLINk online gambling platform.

The team behind WINk and BLINk online gambling platforms have already communicated that "BLINk will be listed on a world-class exchange" in Q1.

What exchange remains to be seen, Binance or Poloniex.

It is also known that the team keep their roadmaps and deliverables fluid to be flexible and be able to capitalize on market changes and opportunities that may come up.

Exchange Listing work is very much an ongoing thing and even if it is not mentioned in Q2 roadmap it may very well be around the corner. The Issue is that we have no insight to project, so we can do nothing but speculate. But in my mind, if exchange listing is completely out of the question in Q2, given that it was mentioned as a deliverable in Q1 already, they would not mention it as part of their daily report. Which makes me think that it is around the corner.

Other things that are being worked on which may be very close is the other points in the daily report (what the BLINk team is working on at a daily basis):

  • BLINk burn page, most likely the same mechanism used in WINk - where they actively buy back BLINk coins and burn them.
  • Betting UI. Betting is ambiguous in this context but it relates to improving game offering = positive.
  • BSCĀ Community Event. BLINk runs on the Binance Smart Chain, so this is related to BLINk not WINk.

OK, let's move on to the $BLINK roadmap update that was released earlier today

TheĀ BLINK roadmap update that was released earlier today left a lot of hodlers disappointed. To be frank, I sold off a large portion of my holding the same minute the roadmap was released. Bought back some a lot cheaper once the crazies got shook out. Sorry for selling, but business is business. šŸ¤‘

I stopped reading around the fifth point seeing that the communication was about as badly written as it could possibly be written, from BLINKs perspective. Don't get me wrong here. The plan for BLINk in Q2 is solid. The issue is how bad the packaging of the deliverables are. A train wreck. A dumpster fire. Whoever wrote this roadmap release as part of a commercial communication should be fired or go back to mopping the floor. Fortunately, tech and product is what matters the most. But, bloody hell. This kind of communication makes me question why they hell I have money in this project. Did they ask a developer who knows some English to piece together commercial communication in his coffee break?

Below you can find the complete BLINK roadmap update. After it, I will highlight the positive BLINK aspects of the deliverables for the next 10 weeks highlighted in the update.

Then I will present some criticism aimed at the team doing this communication and how I would do the same BLINK roadmap update. The way I would frame the same information and present it to BLINK hodlers. Same info, different packaging.

BLINK roadmap update Q2 2021

actual BLINK roadmap update plus wink
WINk/BLINk roadmap update - Q2 2021.

Out of 13 points, 2 are related to BLINk. Out of those 2 points there are actually 4 points, just that they bundled together three things into one. I will criticize the delivery of this later. First, let's look at the positives.

Rich optimization

Rich optimization most likely refer to UI updates to the website along with speed optimization. As I highlighted in my $BLINK analysis, the technical aspects of the BLINk website could be a lot better compared to WINk.

Add live casino games

One of the most important things for BLINk right now, even more important than an exchange listing when it comes to adoption of their online gambling platform, is the addition of more games. Adding more live games is huge. Typically, live games refer to live casino games. This is where you have a studio production of a game table, such a Blackjack, including a real-life dealer and the setup it livestreamed in high definition. Players in turn watch and interact with the stream, table and live dealer through a graphical user interface. Allowing them to place bet and chat through the mobile or desktop. These games are hugely popular and if BLINk adds these, the platform will get a massive boost in terms of volumes and TX.

Promote BLINK

This is of course hugely important. Both to get more investors and to get more players. At this point, I feel like I am doing a better job promoting their project. But they did start giving BLINK more space in social media and they have created some buzz around the project. A planned and focused marketing project would be very beneficial.

Incentivize a developer program

Exact details of this is unknown to me. But developer being involved would mean that more things are built or that things are built faster. We need the team to beef up the BLINK online gambling platform so this is positive news.

Now, let's move on to my criticism and how they could have delivered this announcement in a much better way.

How I would have handled the BLINK roadmap update communication

Separate the roadmaps

First thing, WINk and BLINk is managed by the same team, but it is two separate projects running on two separate networks:

  • Tron network
  • BSC network

I doubt that they internally have merged the roadmaps. It would be a mess. Why they merge the commercial communication into one roadmap is a mystery.

While a lot of BLINk hodlers are WINk hodlers. There is many people out there holding only BLINk, or are heavy weighted against BLINk. The first mistake of the roadmap update is the decision to have one roadmap for two different projects. Where BLINk gets marginalized. Of course many holders get pissed off.

WINk has so much going on, it is a project that has been running for three years, while BLINk is basically where WINk was three years ago. In its infancy. You want to grow both projects. Then separate the damn projects. Don't put BLINk short-term deliveries in contrast with WINk short-term deliveries. WINk gets all the spotlight and from reading the announcement, all the effort and resources in the team. This is, of course, not the case, a lot of effort is going in to BLINk. But when they frame it like above then 90% will read it the wrong way and be left with a sour taste in their mouth.

Separate the roadmaps and even release them 24h to 72h apart.

List all BLINk items under separate points in the roadmap

We have the following BLINk related items in the roadmap:

  • Rich optimization for BLINK, Considering adding live games and promote BLINK, so it flourishes
  • Incentivize a developer program for WINK and BLINK

Before I make my point about separating the items:

WHOĀ THEĀ HELLĀ WROTEĀ THEĀ FIRSTĀ SENTENCE? Rich optimization, what the hell is that? Optimization is rich on its own, rich optimization makes zero sense. "CONSIDERING" adding live games and promote BLINK, so it flourishes. So, you are "considering" to add live games. Ok, let us know when you decide to actually do it. You are "considering" to promote BLINK, so it flourishes. Alright, let us know when you have decided to actually do it.

Consider, why include something you have not decided on. In this case though, IĀ am giving them the benefit of the doubt. The guy who should move from writing commercial releases to mopping floors made a mistake. IĀ am 99% sure that they will add live games and promote BLINk so it flourishes. They already started giving more room to BLINk in social media and the MODS in the official Telegram channel are doing an impressive job.

Ok, back to separating the points.

The list for BLINk should read:

  • Rich optimization (specify what you are optimizing, is it the UI, is the performance? I assume it is both and related to the online gambling platform)
  • Add more live games
  • Promote BLINK
  • Incentivize developer program for BLINk

Dramatic difference.

Rephrase BLINk roadmap items

Lastly, rephrase the copy. A sentence can be written in so, so many ways. The same thing can be told in a hundred different ways. The way sentences are written matters as much as how it is packaged.

  • Rich optimization

I have to go with the assumption that they are referring to platform optimization relating to improved UI and performance, so I would simply phrase it:

  • UI & Speed Optimization to improve the BLINK platform

Next item is,

  • Consider adding live games

Dumpster fire, I would write:

  • Add Live Casino games to improve game offering

Next item is,

  • Consider promoting BLINK so it flourishes

Train wreck, I would write:

  • Increase our marketing effort around BLINK by executing a marketing plan to attract both investors and players

Summary $BLINKĀ roadmap update

Instead of bundling it together with all the big WINk deliverables:

  • Rich optimization for BLINK, Considering adding live games and promote BLINK, so it flourishes
  • Incentivize a developer program for WINK and BLINK

The following could have been presented in a separate roadmap communication, 24h or even 74h apart from the WINk update:

  • UI & Speed Optimization to improve the BLINK platform
  • Add Live Casino games to improve game offering
  • Increase our marketing effort around BLINK by executing a marketing plan to attract both investors and players
  • Incentivize a developer program for BLINK to build more and faster

I hope you read the first half of this post and got all my positive takeaways around the project. I still have faith. More games are added, marketing will increase and a listing may very well be around the corner.