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Confidential Cats NFT Review - 690 privacy-preserving cats hitting the Secret Network today. 🔐 🐾

Confidential Cats NFT Review

Confidential Cats NFT is a purrfect Secret NFT collection existing in the Secret Network. The latest in a growing line of Secret NFTs being launched over the last couple of weeks. Not the first Cat-themed NFT but certainly the first Cat-themed Secret NFT, with privacy and secret metadata.

We'll see how these Confidential Cats get along with all the dogs already roaming the network, we should know more in about 10h when the mint starts. In this Confidential Cats NFT review you can get more familiar with this new and awesome Secret NFT.

Table of contents:

  • Short video explaining Secret NFTs;
  • Confidential Cats NFT mint details;
  • Official contact details of the project;
  • Information about Confidential Cats NFT;
  • Artwork;
  • FAQ.

Short video explaining what a Secret NFT is

Confidential Cats NFT Mint Details:

  • When does the mint start? 19th of December at 08:00 PM UTC.
  • What is the mint price? 40 $sSCRT*.
  • NFT supply: 690.
  • Whitelist supply: 50 (Reserved for 48h after mint start).
  • Mint website: Official website (see below).

*Please note that the token used for mint is not $SCRT, it is the secret version $sSCRT. You can swap or convert to secretSCRT. Guides below on how to go about it. You will, however, need a small amount of $SCRT in our Keplr Wallet to cover for gas fees, as the transactions are paid using $SCRT. Mint = $sSCRT. Gas fees = $SCRT.

Official contact details:

General Secret NFT mint guides:

Confidential Cats NFT Review

690 Confidential Cats NFT are hitting the Secret Network on the 19th of December. Coincidentally, this mint will coincide with the launch of Stashh after the marketplace launch got delayed from the 17th of December. Important to note that the mint will not take place on Stashh, Confidential Cats NFT have their own mint hosted on the official Confidential Cats website.
In other words, it's a busy day in the Secret Network, as the minting of other projects are expected to take place in relation to the launch of Stashh. However, Confidential Cats has a good chance to mint out quickly.

There are only 690 Confidential Cats, and the mint price is 40 $sSCRT. Redacted Rabbits NFT had a 1,337 supply at 42 $sSCRT and sold out in less than 40 minutes. I don't think Confidential Cats will top that, but I'd expect them to mint out within a couple of hours (given that there are any technical issues, as with Secret Rocks NFT).

Firstly, the art is great (shoutout to Izzy). From the Confidential Cat NFT teasers I've seen, some of which are added further down on this page, there's no cutting corners in producing these. There are tons of cool attributes, many of which are thematic to Secret Network and blockchain privacy. The last part is something that will help in future community building efforts. This aspect is something Anons NFT did great and that Redacted Rabbits NFT are doing a good job with.

The low'ish' supply of 690 also makes this collection somewhat exclusive compared to larger 10k collections we've seen. The price tag is also on the higher end compared to most Secret NFT collections released so far. All this coupled together could make for a successful recipe in building a strong Confidential Cats NFT community.

Currently, there are Telegram and Discord channels for people to communicate in, after the mint-out, secure and private communication channels for verified holders will be established.

When it comes to the secret metadata in this Secret NFT, it will contain a top-secret access code which can be used to verify entry to "future tools" and to prove membership access to restricted areas. Each cat also has confidential features that only the NFT owner can view.

Confidential Cats NFT art

The art of Confidential Cats NFT is great. It's thematic, and each NFT contain a great level of detail. There are seven public traits:

  • Breed
  • Hat
  • Glasses
  • Mouth
  • Collar
  • Clothing
  • Background

Each trait with different rarities, ranging from common to legendary. Additionally, each cat has one private attribute only viewable by the owner.

Confidential Cats NFT Review Teaser 1.
Confidential Cats NFT art teaser 2.
Confidential Cats NFT art teaser 3.
Confidential Cats NFT art teaser 4 (favourite of the ones I've seen).

FAQ Confidential Cats NFT

What is the total supply of Confidential Cats NFT?

690 unique Confidential Cats NFTs will be available in the mint.

How much does it cost to mint Confidential Cats NFT?

The mint price of Confidential Cats NFT is 40 $sSCRT - the secret version of Secret Network coin, $SCRT.

Can I mint with $SCRT?

No, you will need the secret version of $SCRT - please convert to secretSCRT ($sSCRT) following this guide.

How do I get a Secret Address?

You can get it by creating and use Keplr Wallet, read guide here.

What Wallet do I use to mint Confidential Cats NFT?

You need to use Keplr Wallet to mint Confidential Cats NFT.

Where can I mint Confidential Cats NFT?

The mint of Confidential Cats will go live on the 19th of December, available on the project's official website.

How many can I mint?

Unlimited, as long as the supply lasts.

How much $SCRT do I need for gas?

You will be safe with around 0.25 $SCRT for gas, a good rule of thumb is to keep 1 $SCRT for gas. You don't want to be stranded anywhere along the way.

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