Cross-chain collaborations, baby - Midnight Teddy Club x Skeleton Punks x IBCNFTs


  • A brief update and IBCNFTs
  • Skeleton Punks x Midnight Teddy Club x IBCNFTs collab
  • About Skeleton Punks NFT
  • About Midnight Teddy Club NFT

Everyone knows that the primary topic of has been Secret Network and Secret NFTs since November last year. A sort of homecoming to the OG privacy blockchain for me after a 9-month hiatus. The reason was the Anons Mint and the exciting part of being in at the beginning of the journey of Secret NFTs.

Since then, there’s been literally thousands of people here reading the blog about Secret NFTs and different projects. Which is awesome!

In early January, I launched a cross-chain IBC project called IBCNFTs. A first cross-chain NFT community hub for insights and news about stuff that like-minded people and I love to read about. An unfortunate side effect of this project is that Patlid gets updated bi-weekly (at best). Anyway…

Out of the many connections I’ve made over the last months, one of the strongest is with the guys over at Midnight Teddy Club. A team of great guys about to launch one of the most ambitious Secret NFT projects (looking at utility and planned roadmap).

They approached IBCNFTs to do something “cross-chainy” to leverage the interchain and stretch the reach outside of Secret Network. Said and done, we got cookin’ together. One thing led to another - now we have our first cross-chain collaboration together, composed of:

  • Midnight Teddy Club in Secret Network 

And a new acquaintance:

  • Skeleton Punks in Terra

This is cool because it means that these cross-chain efforts are yielding real results. There are clear synergies between the communities, independent of what blockchains everyone belongs to. #IBCFrens, #IBCNFTs baby. Thanks, MTC and Skeleton Punks, for putting this together.

Whitelist giveaway for Secret Network and Terra

The premise of this is simple, an exchange of whitelist spots between the projects and leveraging content and IBCNFTs. Super cool!

So, what about these NFT projects?

Skeleton Punks NFT review

Short description of the basic premises of Skeleton Punks, along with a look at the roadmap and utility aspects of this NFT collection.

What is Skeleton Punks NFT?

Here we got 5,064 Skeleton Punks haunting the Terra blockchain. Who doesn’t love punks? Who doesn’t love pixels? Good ol’ pixelated punks. Skeletons to boot. The first Skeleton Punks over in Terra. 💯

On the official website of Skeleton Punks NFT, there’s this spooky intro 👀:

When death came for them all, they rose from their graves and realized that, death, was only the beginning of their end...

These skeletons are a reincarnation of “Punks”, an undead army raised up to form a community in Terra. The community will stay underground, though, no pun intended, fuelled by shared goals and missions on how to make their undead society prosper!

Official contact details:

Skeleton Punks NFT Roadmap

The primary goal of Skeleton Punks is to establish a blue-chip quality community. This is something that’s much easier said than done, as it involves the organic involvement of several individuals, all aligned behind a shared goal. In that department, I would say that Skeleton Punks are doing well. It is also the first item on their roadmap:

Growth - foster a dedicated and passionate community.

Looking at their Discord and communication channels, things are looking great in terms of growing a healthy community. Their Discord server just surpassed 4,000 users, and there are plenty of active channels. The foundation is definitely in place. The community can always grow but in terms of the first roadmap item. ✅

The next few items in their roadmap also concern fundamental aspects around establishing everything that is needed for launch:

  • Preparing the mint
  • Launch/mint
  • Secondary marketplace listing (Luart)

This will then be followed by a Ranking tool/Rarity calculator so that people get a good overview of how rare each Skeleton Punks is, something that will help people price their NFTs and create greater activity in the secondary market.

Beyond the mint, a primary goal for Skeleton Punks NFT is to establish a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). No community will be truly functional from a blockchain perspective unless it has a DAO integrated. This will provide the project and its community with a governance structure around the proposal and what steps the project should take next.

There are also plans on staking Skeleton Punks NFT to earn %APY, airdrops, and additional benefits.

For the last items following the rarity tools, the team says that they’ll be flexible around the details. So, the exact details of all items on their roadmap will be unearthed as the project matures.

Skeleton Punks NFT art teasers

The supply of the Skeleton Punks NFT collection is 5,064, an odd number that relates to a reserve. 5,000 of these skellys will be minted on Luart. The remaining 5,064 are reserved to the team wallet and utilized for marketing, competitions, and giveaways.

For the NFT art itself, the traits/layers/attributes look like this:

  • 38 Clothes
  • 36 Headware
  • 27 Backgrounds
  • 28 Eyes
  • 10 Accessory
  • 8 Skull Color

The art itself is pixelated skeleton punks:

Definitely better Ghost Rider than Nicolas Cage.
Badass cowboy.
Looks rare.
Halo = Win.

Midnight Teddy Club review

In all honesty, if I’d write another review about MTC, it would be the third. Instead, I’ll give a brief overview of their project along with links to the existing reviews. And, a sneak peek of a flowchart outlining the dynamics of their project.

BTW, Secret code: MTC x SP GMI

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