How to buy $RCUBE from Retro DeFi - a guide

Wrote an analysis of RCUBE from Retro DeFi the other day.

The post was well-intercepted and Retro DeFi official Twitter gave it a shoutout. Recognition is always nice!

Following the recent bloodbath in the crypto markets. The price dipped and have now stabilized along the same point for about 24 hours. Waiting to take-off. Below I outlined how to buy RCUBE.

How to buy RCUBE via PancakeSwap using your crypto wallet

As with any new project, there is some friction around buying RCUBE. It is only available through PancakeSwap. Advisable to swap using $BNB. BNB can be bought an exchange such as Binance.

There are several wallets you can use to swap BNB for RCUBE via PancakeSwap.

Given that RCUBE is a BEP20 token on the BSC. What is required is that you use a BSC compatible wallet.

Such as BSC Wallet or MetaMask. In this guide on how to buy RCUBE I will reference BSC Wallet (Chrome extension).

In reality, most wallets works the same way, so the steps below should be more or less applicable to any crypto wallet you use. Regardless if it is a crypto app wallet or crypto browser extension.

How to buy RCUBE using BSC Wallet

Buy BNB to swap for RCUBE
You can Buy $BNB through Binance Exchange.
  • Open your BSC Wallet.
Open BSC Wallet extension.


  • Make sure to switch to the Binance Smart Chain network through the top bar of your BSC wallet:
RCUBE run on the BSC
Select "Binance Smart Chain Network"
  • It's time to copy your Smartchain receiving address in your BSC Wallet by clicking "Receive".
  • Either connect your Binance account if you have one, or get the address through "Address or QR Code".
If you have a Binance account with BNB you can connect your BSC Wallet (product of Binance) for easier transfers.
  • Time to transfer the $BNB that you bought on Binance.
  • If you do it manually, locate the $BNB in your wallet on Binance, click on the $BNB and choose "Withdraw".
  • Paste the address you copied from your BSC Wallet in the "Address"-field.
  • Choose the network "BEP-20" in "Network."
  • Enter the amount of $BNB you want to transfer to your BSC Wallet.
  • Then click on "Withdraw" and confirm the transfer.
Important that you choose BEP-20 as transfer network.
  • Wait for the transaction to be processed, normally this is done within a couple of minutes up to 10-15 minutes. Sometimes it takes longer, Binance have had some uptime issues recently (crypto is hot right now). As long as you followed the steps outlined above, you are fine. Once transfer is completed, you should have an updated $BNB balance in your BSC Wallet.

OK, the time as come to swap your $BNB for $RCUBE via PancakeSwap using BSC Wallet - the final step of buying RCUBE coins

  • Go on PancakeSwap, official address for RCUBE swap in this link (you can confirm this with Retro DeFi official website or Telegram channel).
how to buy RCUBE pancakeswap
Checkmark "I understand" on the disclaimer at PancakeSwap and click "Continue".
  • Connect your BSC Wallet by clicking "Connect" in the top-right corner of PancakeSwap. Choose "Binance Chain Wallet"
How to buy RCUBE use BSC wallet
If you are already logged into your BSC Wallet it will connect automatically. If you are not logged in, the login flow will be prompted.
  • Pick $BNB in the "From"-field.
  • Make sure you have RCUBE in the "To"-field (can add manually through RCUBE token address from BSCscan - 0xa6e53f07bD410df069e20Ced725bdC9135146Fe9)
  • Update slippage to 10-15% (If you encounter any issues with this, feel free to DM me on Twitter, and I'll help you with some tips and tricks around both slippage and transfer value).
  • Enter the amount of BNB you want to swap and click on "Swap".
  • Review the details and click "Confirm swap".
How to buy RCUBE use 10% slippage
Set 10-15% slippage.
How to buy RCUBE swapping for BNB
Lastly, enter the amounts you want to swap and press "Swap"-button and confirm the swap.

The swap should be executed within a few seconds up to a few minutes. You will get notifications about the transaction and links to the transaction on BSCscan.

  • Your RCUBE will not appear automatically in your BSC Wallet list of available tokens. You need to add the token manually.
  • Open your BSC Wallet and click the + in the bottom.
Click the + to add custom token.
  • Click the + in the top-right corner.
  • Paste RCUBE token address in the field.
  • RCUBE token address 0xa6e53f07bD410df069e20Ced725bdC9135146Fe9.
  • Click "Add asset".
How to buy RCUBE add custom token
Add token address and click "Add asset"

The RCUBE token should appear in your wallet along with RCUBE you just bought.

Enjoy the gains (hopefully)!


By the way, Retro DeFi are currently trying to get listed on Blockfolio, to speed this process up you can help out by voting on RCUBE on Blockfolio through this link.