How to buy RocketMoon $RMOON - a guide (UPDATED)

After getting involved with RocketMoon and writing the RocketMoon/SafeMoon analysis the other day, I have been checking in on the (growing) Telegram chat and following crypto Twitter. A common question many potential buyers are asking is:

"How to buy RocketMoon?" / $RMOON ticker.

So, similarly to some of my other guides, I thought I would go ahead and write one on how to buy RocketMoon. Unfortunately RocketMoon is still not listed on any exchanges, the only way to go about is to swap $BNB on PancakeSwap.

My hopes are that we will see RocketMoon on an exchange soon, I'd expect something like Delta Exchange to pick it up.

On a side note, since I wrote my analysis, RocketMoon has gone from 0.x025 up to 0.x179. And the number of holders from 4,587 to 13,524. Well ahead of my hopes that we would reach 20,000 in seven days.

However, if you read my analysis you can see that we are still at the comparative, straight horizontal line of the early days of SafeMoon. Meaning that the bigger 1000x are still ahead of us if we speculate that RocketMoon will do the same journey as SafeMoon has done. We'll see. If you want to get onboard, read the following on how to buy RocketMoon.


Made an update (29/4/2021) to this How to buy RocketMoon guide due to the migration of PancakeSwap. This changes the process of buying RocketMoon slightly. Updated information at the bottom of this post.

How to buy RocketMoon

Currently, you can only buy RocketMoon through PancakeSwap.

There are several ways to buy RocketMoon $RMOON on PancakeSwap. In this guide on how to buy $RMOON on PancakeSwap, I will go through how to do it through TrustWallet.

  • Download and install Trust Wallet.
  • Create a new wallet if you don't have an existing wallet.
  • Buy $BNB which you will use to swap later, you can buy $BNB on Binance or any other exchange of your liking:
To buy Rocketmoon you first need BNB
Buy $BNB through Binance Exhange.
  • Open your TrustWallet.
  • Add/activate the token "Smart Chain BNB" in your Trust Wallet:
How to buy RocketMoon trustwallet
Add "Smart Chain BNB" in TrustWallet.
  • Copy your Smartchain receiving address in TrustWallet, start by opening "Smart Chain" and proceed to click on "Receive":
Click on "Receive."
Use the QR code or click "Copy" to copy your TrustWallet Smart Chain address.
  • Now it is time to transfer the $BNB that you bought on Binance. Locate the $BNB in your wallet on Binance, click on the $BNB and choose "Withdraw".
  • Paste the address you copied from your Trust Wallet in the "Address"-field.
  • Choose the network "BEP-20" in "Network."
  • Enter the amount of $BNB you want to transfer to your TrustWallet.
  • Then click on "Withdraw" and confirm the transfer.
Buy RocketMoon with BNB
Crucial that you choose BEP-20 as transfer network.
  • Wait for the transaction to be processed, normally done within a couple of minutes up to 10-15 minutes. Some times it takes longer. As long as you followed the steps outlined above, you are fine. Once transfer is completed you should have an updated $BNB balance in your TrustWallet.

Now it's time to swap your $BNB for $RMOON via PancakeSwap in TrustWallet - the final step of buying RocketMoon

  • Open your TrustWallet.
  • If you are on an Android device, open "dApps" in the bottom navbar. If you are on an iOS device, open "DEX" in the bottom navbar.
  • Find PancakeSwap and click on it.
  • Check that PancakeSwap is connected to your TrustWallet.
  • Pick $BNB in the "From"-field.
  • Find $RMOON in the "To"-field ($RMOON token address is 0x78bc22a215c1ef8a2e41fa1c39cd7bdc09bd5174).
  • Update slippage to 10-15% (If you have any issues with this, feel free to DM me on Twitter and I'll help you with some tips and tricks around both slippage and transfer value).
  • Enter the amount you want to swap and click on "Swap".
  • Review the details and click "Confirm swap".
RocketMoon 10 percent slippage
Add 10-15% slippage.
Rocketmoon swap for BNB on pancakeswap
Lastly, swap the $BNB for $RMOON on PancakeSwap through your TrustWallet.
  • Shortly after the new RocketMoon balance should be reflected in your Trust Wallet.
  • Happy mooning!

Updated how to buy RocketMoon following PancakeSwap recent migration and updates

All the above steps are true, you just have to make sure to update to V1 of PancakeSwap.

By default, you will be in the new version 2 of PancakeSwap, currently it is not possible to swap for RocketMoon on PancakeSwap version 2.

PancakeSwap version 2 does not support buying RocketMoon.
  • You need to switch to "V1 (old)".
After switching to version 1 of PancakeSwap, the steps outlined in this how to buy RocketMoon guide are all true.

If you run into any issues, you can follow this tips and tricks guide when buying RocketMoon.


Once RocketMoon get listed on an exchange I will update this.