MetaRats NFT Mint Details

A little over two weeks ago, I wrote about a highly anticipated Secret NFT, a project that by now is on literally everybody's radar. I am talking about MetaRats NFT. As is the norm for me since I started building IBCNFTs is that I don't have time to write for this blog. Which is sad. However, for MetaRats I wanted to prioritize the time to write this one up, to provide everyone with some guidance around the MetaRats NFT mint.

I've done this a couple of times before, but that was pre-Stashh times, back in November and December 2021. The stuff still stands, though. Since this mint is probably going to put some strain on the load in Secret Network, it makes even more sense to share some insights and resources. Remember this is new blockchain tech, SNIP-721 standard and related contracts are new. It is early days, the UX isn't perfect. Don't expect a perfect Tinder experience (probably the most well-designed application in history). If you encounter slow loading times, some unexpected error, don't panic - in most cases your TX is queued and everything is processing (slowly).

Sorry for spelling mistakes, 30 min no edit write-up.

MetaRats NFT mint details

Below you can find information about the mint:

  • Date and time;
  • Mint price;
  • Supply;
  • Whitelist mint;
  • Public mint;
  • FAQ.

Plus guides for every step of the Secret NFT minting process. Check what is applicable to your situation, then follow the guide/s.

Key information about MetaRats mint

  • When does the mint start? 05:00 PM UTC on the 29th of January
  • What is the mint price? 50 $sSCRT*
  • NFT supply: 3,333
  • Whitelist supply: ~10%
  • Mint website:

**Please note that the token used for mint is not $SCRT, it is the secret version $sSCRT. You can swap or convert to secretSCRT. Guides below on how to go about it. You will, however, need a small amount of $SCRT in our Keplr Wallet to cover for gas fees as the transactions are paid using $SCRT. Mint = $sSCRT. Gas fees = $SCRT.

Official contact details of MetaRats:

MetaRats whitelist mint information

The whitelist was closed around 48 hours ago. Roughly 10% of the supply is reserved for whitelisted users. The rest of the supply is available for public mint.

Anyone with a whitelist spot is able to mint within 12 hours of the launch at 05:00 PM UTC. This means that the whitelist spot expires at 05:00 PM UTC tomorrow.

You can verify your whitelist status here:

Common error that I've experienced in every single Secret NFT mint outside of Stashh - and what to do (or not do)

If you encounter the following error you should do nothing, your TX is in queue, it will be prioritized in the next available block. Just wait, even if the loading time is slow. Have your Keplr wallet available in a different tab and check the balance. If the fee of the mint is deducted, you can be 100% sure that your mint was successful, even if you did not get a success message in the front-end of the mint application.

"waiting for tx to be included in a block". You are basically in the queue.

Secret NFT minting guides

FAQ MetaRats NFT mint details

Can I mint with $SCRT?

No, you will need the secret version of $SCRT - please convert to secretSCRT ($sSCRT) following this guide.

How do I get a Secret Address?

You can get it by creating and using a Keplr Wallet, guide here.

What Wallet do I use to mint MetaRats NFT?

You need to use Keplr Wallet to mint MetaRats NFT.

How many can I mint?

Unlimited, as long as the supply lasts.

How much $SCRT do I need for gas?

You will be safe with around 0.25 $SCRT for gas, but a good rule of thumb is to keep 1 $SCRT for gas. You don't want to be stranded anywhere. If you plan to mint more than one, have more $SCRT available to cover multiple transactions.

What makes Secret NFTs unique?

Secret Network is a privacy blockchain, not just in terms of transactions and store-of-value. They provide privacy on the application layer. This means that non-fungible tokens in the Secret Network, so-called Secret NFTs, have programmable privacy. The capacity to hide ownership, secret metadata, and control access to connected content of the NFT. If you want to learn more about Secret NFTs you can read this page.

Will the Public Mint start later than 05:00 PM UTC?

No, both the Whitelist and the Public Mint start at the same time - 05:00 PM UTC on the 29th of January.

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