MetaRats NFT Review - only for cheese connoisseurs 🧀 🐁

MetaRats NFT Review

I first stumbled across MetaRats NFT when I was scrolling through crypto Twitter (a habit I too often find myself doing). It was one of those doomscrolling moments that was rewarding. The tweet that caught my attention was this one, about the peculiar character that is George Wosmongton:

What struck me was the timing and the artwork, 19th of December, rather early in the lifetime of Secret NFTs, and the artwork, featuring Osmosis Zone and Cosmos Network. As the Tweet reads, this 1:1 NFT was awarded to Wosmongton, an enigmatic character within Cosmos Network and namely Osmosis. The timing was good because, already at that point, it was realized that Secret Network, and particularly the various Secret NFT projects needed to do a better job marketing cross-chain (still needs to). The community of Secret Network is limited and need to expand, and so forth. Reaching outside the networks’ limits is paramount for future growth.

For a project that just started out, and had realized this so early, I figured that there were some brains behind the project. Always a good indicator that the team is smart - understands the space and have a strategy. Something that MetaRats NFT definitely has. 🧠

MetaRats is raising the bar for marketing and driving engagement

Throughout December and January, the team behind MetaRats continued to release teasers from their project through 1:1 “super rare” pieces paying homage to different personalities from the IBC-gang.

How about Ethan Buchman, the co-founder of Cosmos Network? The tweet was liked by Tess Rinearson, the official “Crypto Twitter”-lead over at Twitter. Probably nothing.

Or, this one, Greg Osuri, the founder of Akashnet.

Then there’s this influential Cosmos YouTuber you probably heard about.

This strategy is part of MetaRats so-called “Honorary NFTs Program”, where exclusive 1:1’s are being shown every other day featuring different personalities or networks. A marketing strategy that has paid dividends in terms of traction in communities in and around Secret Network. Which, in turn, will be positive for the community of future MetaRats NFT hodlers. Engagement is already high in their communication channels. Their Telegram grew to 1,300 members in just a few days. For the full scope of their outreach and success with different co-founders, key developers and influencers, simply scroll through their Twitter.

OK, that’s the marketing - let’s take a look at the other aspects of this project in this MetaRats NFT review.

Table of Contents:

  • A short video explaining Secret NFTs;
  • What is MetaRats NFT?;
  • Utility and Secret Metadata;
  • Key value driver;
  • Official contact details of the project;
  • Artwork.

Short Video explaining how Secret NFTs works

What is MetaRats NFT?

MetaRats is an upcoming Secret NFT collection in Secret Network consisting of 3,333 Meta Rats living in the sewers of the network. Maybe they’ll submerge at some point? 👀

At this point, the information around what the project has in store for us has not been shared. To get some more information from the team, I had a quick chat with them.

While even on their end, everything is not 100% set in stone, they were able to share some information with me. Naturally, sharing all plans with the outside world is bad practice. In due time, they will finish their roadmap and share more details about the future from the mint and beyond.

MetaRats NFT Utility and Secret Metadata

The MetaRats team were able to share two utility aspects that relate to the secret metadata.

Firstly, the secret metadata will be utilized to verify ownership and grant access to private communication channels, mainly Telegram and Discord. The same mechanics will be used for future utility in terms of authentication of ownership.

Secondly, embedding code in the secret metadata that relates to future utility in the form of puzzles, Easter eggs, and collectables. The idea is that one person or several persons collaborating can solve these “mysteries” and claim prizes. These prizes could be exclusive MetaRats NFTs or tokens from projects within Secret Network and Cosmos Network.

If their marketing efforts (and success) can be seen as an indicator of what’s to come, I’d say that the chances are good that they’ll manage to deliver what they set out to deliver. This is definitely a Secret NFT project to keep an eye on.

On track for key value driver

The other day I wrote a short article covering the main value drivers for Secret NFTs. The first main value driver I elaborated on is the community aspects of an NFT project.

From a financial perspective, a strong community presents a joint value proposition. From a behavioural perspective, a community creates a sense of belonging and purpose. The stronger (engagement, interaction) a community is, the better. Community members provide value to each other in different forms, and together the community can be extremely influential and provide value to the outside world.

MetaRats efforts around community building is quite clear, they have reached 1,300 TG members in no time (put that in perspective of some projects that struggle to get anywhere near one thousand). There is already a lot of engagement in the community. Once the NFTs are in people’s hands, most likely this engagement will shift into another gear.

Official contact details of MetaRats

MetaRats NFT Utility and Secret Metadata

We already have packs of dogs, cats, and rabbits running wild in Secret Network. We might as well throw some rats into the mix. Although these rats are way too nice for just living in the sewers of Secret Network, don’t you think? 👀

MetaRats NFT Review Teaser 1
Tarantino NFT-inspired MetaRat.
MetaRats NFT Review Teaser 2
MetaRats NFT x Anons NFT.
MetaRats NFT Review Teaser 3
Ice-cold MetaRat.
MetaRats NFT Review Teaser 4
Gemmed-out Stashh App MetaRat.
MetaRats NFT Review Teaser 5
Ready to launch into Akash Network.

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