Midnight Teddy Club NFT Review

Midnight Teddy Club NFT Review

Another Secret NFT review is long overdue. Different priorities took over as I’ve spent close to 100 hours building and launched a new NFT content platform since last Monday, which you are welcome to check out: IBNFTs.com (still very much work-in-progress)

I have not forgotten about all the Secret Network content I want to write though, the backlog is long, but you can expect more reviews and Secret NFT content as usual. Starting with this Midnight Teddy Club NFT review.

Why Midnight Teddy Club (MTC), you ask? Because it is one of the projects that’s been in the works the longest, with an active team and an original concept. It doesn’t hurt that the team is doxxed either - shoutout Alter’s finest, Mr Freeman himself.

Table of Contents:

  • A short video explaining Secret NFTs;
  • What is Midnight Teddy Club NFT?;
  • Midnight Teddy Club roadmap;
  • Official contact details of the project;
  • NFT Artwork.

5x Midnight Teddy Club Whitelist spots up for grabs

Short Video explaining how Secret NFTs works

What is Midnight Teddy Club NFT?

Midnight Teddy Club is not your average stuffed bears. It is an upcoming Secret NFT collection of 3,030 hand-stitched teddy bears, launching on Secret Network sometime during the end of January, or early February.

The main focus of Midnight Teddy Club is community and communication. Community is the main value driver in NFT projects. At the same time, it is not something that can be had just by stating it. Hard work is needed; at first, most of the responsibility is with the team behind the NFT to deliver a space and values to align around. Midnight Teddy Club is yet to launch, so it is impossible to say how well their community-building efforts will pan out. I would say that it is looking good though, they have already established an active community in their private Discord server. Check it out for yourself and see how responsive and inclusive the people and the team is. There is also lore available for MTC, outlining aspects of blockchain privacy the value proposition of secret NFTs SNIP-721 technology.

The stated goal of Midnight Teddy Club is to not only establish a community inside Secret Network but to expand beyond that across Cosmos networks and make the whole IBC thrive. A goal I can align behind given that I just launched IBCNFTs, and want to make IBC thrive, together with Midnight Teddy Club and all other like-minded people.

Again, building a community ain't easy. In that aspect, MTC has another positive thing going for them. The person I introduced at the beginning of this Midnight Teddy Club review, Mr Freeman, is the CEO of Alter. Part of the utility of their NFT is access to Alter’s, a privacy-by-default on-chain communication platform. You can read more about Alter here. Each NFT will come with a 1-year subscription (and 30GB storage). What’s more, is that people minting 10x MTC’s can convert multiple subscriptions to one lifetime subscription.

Long-term, the prospects of Midnight Teddy Club looks great. Here is where a doxxed team becomes valuable. When a team is doxxed, there is a higher level of ownership and accountability. There is some skin in the game, what’s at risk is what is most important: reputation. Let’s take a look at the Midnight Teddy Club roadmap.

Midnight Teddy Club Roadmap

  • 3,030 Midnight Teddy Bears get minted.
  • The “Factory”* where reconstruction of Teddy Bears take place.
  • A burn gallery where retired Midnight Teddy's can be viewed.
  • Dynamic trait rarity checker.
  • Use Stashh as a secondary marketplace.
  • NFT airdrop to MTC hodlers (in the form of Secret Society Emblems).
  • 1/1 traits to sell on Stashh, which can be used in The Factory.
  • Midnight Teddy Club DAO.

*Details TBA.

Quite an impressive roadmap. No dates are attached to this, which makes sense as the team can be more flexible. With a doxxed team and the team’s overall track record around engagement and effort, I’d say that they will be able to deliver all this. They certainly have the skills and people to do it. A lot of things for a community to rally behind!

Official contact details:

Midnight Teddy Club NFT Art

Midnight Teddy Bears are programmatically generated using 120 different traits. All Teddy's are rare, but some are rares than others. Have a look at some NFT art teasers from MTC below, some of these are just teasers and not final. Some of the Teddy's below only have 3x traits, while the actual NFTs will have a minimum of 5x traits.

Osmosis scientist gone wild.
Wouldn't dare to have this Teddy in my wallet.
A pug in leopard's clothes.
Alien teddy knows what's up.
Favorite I've seen so far.
Ski mask wearing pug in teddy clothes. Less scary, but he's clearly up to no good.
It's just a chainsaw.
Teddy's seem to like chainsaws.
Commando secret agent. With a flamethrower.

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