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Mystic Skulls NFT Mint Guide + Tips & Tricks đź’€

In the past, I wrote a great deal leading up to and about the Redacted Rabbits mint, which turned out to be a huge success as it sold out within 40 minutes. In the last few days, two other Secret NFT projects dropped, Mystic Skulls and Secret Rocks. In this post, as the title says, I wanted to share Mystic Skulls NFT mint details and some info around the projects.

Below, you can read about Mystic Skulls NFT and the mint:

  • Short video explaining Secret NFTs;
  • Date and time;
  • Mint price;
  • Supply;
  • Useful Secret NFT guides;
  • Current technical difficulties;
  • Tips and tricks when minting;
  • FAQ.

If you want to read some thoughts on the Mystic Skulls NFTs from a few days ago, check this post.



Secret Order of Mystic Skulls NFT Mint Details


  • When does the mint start? 07:00 PM UTC on the 16th of December (Already started)
  • What is the mint price? 13 $SCRT*
  • NFT Supply: 10,000
  • Whitelist supply: N/A
  • Mint website: Official website (see below)

*Note that this mint uses $SCRT, not $sSCRT.


Official contacts:


General Secret NFT minting guides:


There's bound to be some growing pains this early, the friction of being an early adopter is showing in the Mystic Skulls mint.



Mystic Skulls mint website landing page.


How much of the supply of Mystic Skulls is remaining?

At the time of writing, roughly 40% of the total supply has been minted. That is 3,746 Mystic Skulls in around 12 hours. Maybe not the pace I was expecting, at the same time, the minting process is not smooth. There are some technical issues which causes friction and delays. And if I factor in those aspects, I'd say they have had a successful mint so far.

To add to the above, there is nothing wrong with a slow mint. Especially in our case of Secret NFTs, it is a brand-new technology where everyone is collectively contributing in making it a better space to be in, day by day. There's bound to be some growing pains this early, the friction of being an early adopter is showing in the Mystic Skulls mint. Nothing to worry about.


What is causing the friction in Mystic Skulls NFT mint?

From the official reports in the Mystic Skulls Discord, there are loads of failed transactions due to a Figment API endpoint. I don't have the full details of it, but it seems like this Figment API endpoint is the single point of failure. Mystic Skulls mint is not the only dApp with issues because of it, any dApp relying on that endpoint, including Keplr Wallet, are experiencing issues. It could be failed load balancing, lack of a properly configured API gateway, or something else.

Good thing is that the Mystic Skulls team is working to solve the issues. They have temporarily moved the viewing gallery to a separate instance to remove the additional load relating to person's wanting to view their newly minted Mystic Skulls NFTs.


What to do if experiencing errors?

I have not minted any Mystic Skulls yet, I will do it, but I am waiting for things to work more smoothly before that. If you are eager and cannot wait, then it is possible to mint, you just have to be patient. And you may have some errors where you'd have to restart the minting process in case it fails.


You can check your Secret Network activity by copy/pasting your Secret Network address by using search in:


Be patient

As with every single Secret NFT so far: patience is key. If the page seem to be stuck loading, it is probably not stuck, your transaction/mint is being processed. Keep an eye on your wallet balance, if your balance goes down with a 1:1 with what your minting cost was - this means your transaction went through, and you successfully minted. In this case, after a successful mint it can take time until you can view your NFTs if a gallery is available. But rest assured, if you balance is down 1:1, this means your NFTs are in your possession.

And once any technical issues are resolved from the team, you will be able to view them, and buy/sell/trade your Secret NFTs.

If your balance does not go down and the page keep loading, do not close the browser tab used for minting. Which leads me to do the point.


Use multiple tabs when minting

Again, if you started the mint process and approved TX, do not close the browser tab used when starting the minting process. In the Mystic Skulls mint and every other Secret NFT mint, the UI has not been great in terms success/failure.

The best thing to do is open the minting website in a different tab instead of promptly closing your mint tab. The exception is if you received an error that clearly states that your transaction failed.


Different error messages - what they mean and what to do

incorrect account sequence:

"Error: Failed to decrypt the following error message: Error when posting tx C016 76B3 308F 6D86 F211 5059 2367 B734 D01B 9E3A B09F 96C5 E7C1 2B2D BAF6 8375. Code: 32; Raw log: account sequence mismatch, expected 355, got 354: incorrect account sequence. Decryption error of the error message: Error when posting tx C016 76B3 308F 6D86 F211 5059 2367 B734 D01B 9E3A B09F 96C5 E7C1 2B2D BAF6 8375. Code: 32; Raw log: account sequence mismatch, expected 355, got 354: incorrect account sequence"

In this case, there is a mismatch caused by multiple TXs - where a new block is added after an original block was already sent. So when front-end reads this, there is a mismatch.

When this happens, your transaction failed. One solution to this that have worked for many is to remove Mystic Skulls from websites connected to your Keplr Wallet:

  • Open Keplr Wallet and access 'Setting' by opening the burger menu;
Access 'Settings' in Keplr Wallet.
  • Open 'Manage Connections';
Click 'Manage Connections'.
  • Find '' in the list of websites, then remove it by pressing the 'x';
Remove Mystic Skulls.
  • Press 'Yes' in the dialogue;
Press 'Yes' when prompted to disable connection.

After that, proceed to clear your cookies relating to in the browser you are using.

After that, try minting again. It is not a guarantee that it works, but many users reported that they can mint after doing this procedure.


I'll add more of these tips and tricks throughout the day. DM me on Twitter or Discord if you have something I should add.


Mystic Skulls NFT mint FAQ

Can I mint with $SCRT?

Yes, you should use $SCRT when minting Mystic Skulls NFT. Not $sSCRT which have been the case in other Secret NFTs.

How do I get a Secret Address?

You can get it by creating and use Keplr Wallet, read guide here.

What Wallet do I use to mint Mystic Skulls NFT?

You need to use Keplr Wallet to mint Mystic Skulls NFT, and any other Secret NFT.

How many can I mint?

Unlimited, as long as the supply lasts.

Can I mint more than one at once?

There is a limit of 20 NFTs per transaction (tx).

How much $SCRT do I need for gas?

You will be safe with around 0.25 $SCRT for gas, a good rule of thumb is to keep 1 $SCRT for gas. You don't want to be stranded anywhere along the way.

Is Secret Order of the Mystic Skulls an NFT game?

Mystic Skulls NFT is not a traditional game, but it does utilize game theory where your future interaction with the NFT affects how your NFT will look. The unique dynamics around the evolution of a Mystic Skulls NFT will likely create some interesting market dynamics in secondary markets.


Mystic Skulls NFT teaser.
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