Three reasons why $BLINK Binance exchange listing is likely to happen

Following my growing interest and fundamental research of the $BLINK project I thought it would be good to follow up my previous posts with a deep-dive of the coming exchange listing. More specifically, why I think a $BLINK Binance exchange listing is incoming.

Previous posts:

First I will just cover a short background to WINK and BLINK projects and the effort of building a true multi-chain online gambling platform.

Background WINK and BLINK

The same team is behind WINK and BLINK.

WINK runs on the TRON network and have a mature online gambling platform including online casino, sports betting and in-house casino games.

BLINK runs on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network and was recently launched. The BLINK project is currently playing catch up with WINK in terms of platform functionality; mainly game offering, payment options and site optimizations.

Both are extremely successful dApps on their respective chains. WINK being the biggest dApp on the TRON network and BLINK being the largest gaming dApp on the BSC network.

Both projects share the same tokenomics where each native token can be used to earn assets through freezing coins on the respective online gambling platform.

The goal of BLINK is to mirror WINK on the BSC network.

The project has the same legitimacy as WINK and a considerable upside by leveraging the BSC network and its community. Everyone likes to gamble every once in a while right?

1. BLINK roadmap includes "List $BLK on a world-class exchange"

Firstly, it is important to know that a pending exchange listing is a fact. This is something the team behind BLINK is actively working on. It is a deliverable in their product roadmap. What I am arguing for in this post is why I think that specifically a Binance listing is incoming before any other exchange listing.

It is also mentioned on BLINK official roadmap that, "In the future BLINK will be tradeable on the Binance Exchange." (Page 12, WINK on Binance Smart Chain White Paper).

Exchange listing is incoming according to their roadmap - question is where?
From the project's whitepaper, bottom of page 12.

2. Binance backing of WINK

Binance has supported WINK for a long time. It was the first gaming IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) to launch on Binance in 2019. CZ Binance own words behind the reason why WINK got hosted on the Binance Launchpad was to showcase the advantages of blockchain-based gambling and advance this space further.

It is important to note that at the time of being picked up on the launchpad, there were many online gambling blockchain projects. The choice fell on WINK.

As mentioned already, WINK always aimed to be a multi-chain online gambling platform. They could have built their need dApp on any number of well-established networks. The choice fell on the Binance Smart Chain.

But of course, the BSC choice may have been involuntary considering that Binance are financially backing BLINK.

The BLINK online gambling dApp is part of Binance's $100 million Accelerator Fund as of December 2020. Besides the aspect of receiving funding. Projects that are part of the Accelerator Fund also benefit from the following:

  • Business development opportunities
  • Marketing support
  • PR¬†support
  • Recruiting support
  • Peer support
Backed by Binance.

3. BLINK running on Binance Smart Chain

BLINK's launch on the Binance Smart Chain further consolidated the teams hold on the crypto online gambling space. As many of you may already know, Binance is the biggest exchange globally with a huge network and community. Launching BLINK on the BSC put them in a great position to leverage the BSC network. It is already the largest gaming dApp on the BSC and will continue to build on this position with the support of Binance.

The BSC network is much larger than the TRX network, which I have already mentioned in my earlier analysis. But I will bring up one point on this again, why we are waiting to catapult the value of $BLINK even without a Binance Exchange listing.

The number of users and value stored on BLINK online gambling platform is much higher than that of the WINK platform. TX and Volume is much lower due to the low game offering on BLINK. Once more games are added, TX and Volume in the BLINK casino till catapult.

Both dApps are performing well but just look at the potential of BLINKs TX & Volume below.
19.2k vs 8.73 users. $91.47 million vs $1.33 million. TX and Volume will explode on BLINK when more games are added.

Conclusion of this entry about $BLINK coin

If you snooze, you lose.

I bought more BLINK today at 0.275. Accumulating.