Why I think $BLINK Poloniex Exchange listing could happen next

A couple of days ago I wrote this post on why a Binance Exchange listing for $BLINK is on the agenda. After some more analysis I figured that another exchange might be in the run as well. A Binance Exchange listing has already been promised by the team as I highlighted in my previous post, but that does not mean that Binance is the first exchange that $BLINK will be listed on. Which leads us to Poloniex Exchange.

At the bottom of this post I'll go through how to sign up to Poloniex in preparation of possible listing.

BLINK Poloniex Exchange Listing
Poloniex is a crypto asset exchange where $BLINK may get listed.

Some information about Poloniex Exchange

Poloniex was launched in 2014 and currently has over 100 cryptos listed and over 1,000 trading pairs available. It is a trading platform and crypto exchange. It is one of the oldest exchanges and was recently acquired by Circle, a Twitter-owned trading application that in turn is owned by Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment banks in the world.

You will find all the common cryptocurrencies along with many that are not yet listed on Binance. Making Poloniex a great exchange to add to your list of active exchanges.

The daily trading volumes at Poloniex exchange sits around $100 million daily, making it one of the more popular exchanges. Similarly to Binance, Poloniex also offers extra services such as Margin Trading and Poloniex Lending. The fees are relatively low making it a good option for purchasing and trading cryptos.

I signed up and created an account on Poloniex ahead of a possible listing. Obviously, any trading of $BLINK would be easier on Poloniex compared to buying and selling $BLINK on PancakeSwap.

Without having too much experience with the platform I can still say that it is 100% legitimate considering the ownership from one of the most renowned financial institutions in the world (Goldman Sachs). Plus the high trading volumes and the fact that Poloniex has been available without fail since 2014.

Why $BLINK Poloniex Exchange listing could happen

As I have already mentioned in a couple of my posts about BLINK, the same team behind WINk are building BLINk. WINk run on the Tron network while BLINk run on the Binance Smart Chain. The teams' goal has always been to build a true decentralized multi-chain online gambling platform. Building BLINk on the BSC is a step in that vision. Most likely, in 2-3 years time they will be launching another online gambling platform on another blockchain. The goals of BLINk is to mirror that of WINk, including game offering, multiple currencies and of course the strong and beneficial tokenomics.

WINK has a strategic partnership with Poloniex since 2020

Back in August 2020, WINk established a strategic partnership with Poloniex around asset integration, asset security and account sharing. As a world-class exchange, Poloniex has the highest security standards and a state-of-the-art account system. Through the partnership, WINk could leverage the benefits of Poloniex to further the growth of their blockchain online gambling platform.

Through Poloniex's technology, WINk can offer their online casino and betting users several digital assets as a way of deposits and withdrawals. And, of course, gain exposure to the user-base of Poloniex to fast-track its growth. There is still untapped potential in the WINk and Poloniex partnership as WINk could potentially work to allow all the assets that are currently traded on the Poloniex exchange.

The Head of Product at Poloniex had this, among other things, to say about the partnership, "It (WINk) arguably represents the best mix of blockchain and entertainment in the industry." - breaking new ground in between crypto exchanges and online gambling entertainment.

The integration between Poloniex and the WINk platform is frictionless, it works very much the same way as when connecting to a dApp through browser extension wallet or any OAuth solution. Players connect their Poloniex account with WINk and can enjoy easy, fast and secure deposits and withdrawals. And, of course, play casino games and wager on sports.

Given the strategic partnership with the team behind both WINk and BLINk, an integration of Poloniex to the BLINk online gambling platform is likely to happen in the future. If this does happen, it can provide a major boost in terms of usage of the BLINK casino and sportsbook.

Blink poloniex exchange listing following wink footsteps
WINk x Poloniex, BLINk x Poloniex next?

WINK has been listed on Poloniex Exchange since 2020

WINk got listed on the Poloniex Exchange back in February 2020. This was the second major exchange listing for WINk following their first listing on Binance as part of being the first online gambling IEO on the Binance Launchpad in 2019.

Three pairs was added to Poloniex exchange: WIN/TRX, WIN/BTT and WIN/USDT.

The listing boosted $WIN token liquidity significantly and increased the adoption of its dApps.

What is interesting here from BLINKs' perspective is that, together with the Poloniex Exchange listing, the CEO of WINk, Lucia Wong announced the following in a roadmap update:

After the listing with Poloniex, eventually the wallet will be directly integrated to the WINk account to allow users of WINk and Poloniex users to seamlessly transfer their assets between the Poloniex Exchange and their online casino account. The goal is to allow users to play on WINk with any asset listed on Poloniex.

Anyone following my Twitter would have seen my tweets about the pending Roadmap update for Q2:

Godwin is a moderator of the official BLINK Telegram channel and the CEO referenced is Lucia Wong. We already know that there is an exchange listing in the works. It was actually listed as a deliverable for Q1 which ended at the 31st of March. We are now in Q2 and exchange listing is already delayed, making a listing in Q2 almost guaranteed.

I think a $BLINK Poloniex Exchange listing is extremely likely given that they would kill two birds with one stone, listing and more currencies:

  • List $BLINK on a world-class exchange and effectively increase the liquidity of $BLINK
  • Start the integration work (unless it already started) of Poloniex wallet to allow for multi-currencies besides $BNB and $BLINK
  • Leverage the community and user-base of Poloniex (pretty sure that many Poloniex users would be interested in the lucrative revenue sharing model that $BLINK tokenomics offer)

A Poloniex Exchange listing does not exclude a listing on Binance Exchange in the future. As already stated in the $BLINK whitepaper, the coin will be tradeable on Binance in the future. Just that it may not be the first exchange that lists the $BLINK coin.

How to sign up to Poloniex Exchange in case $BLINK get listed

Below I will go through how to sign up to Poloniex Exchange. Not a bad idea to have it sorted in case it gets listed. Something I feel more and more confident about the more I have been digging into this.

Sign Up Blink Poloniex Exchange Landing Page
Landing page Poloniex website.
  • Fill out the information that is asked for in the sign-up form.
Registration form BLINK Poloniex exchange listing
Fill out the sign-up form when creating your Poloniex account.
  • Feel free to use my referral code "2ZKQQ6D3" so I can buy some coffees while writing all of this BLINK stuff. If I do buy cryptos for any proceeds, you can be sure that it will be $BLINK. I'll be buying regularly at sub-$1 dollar levels.
  • You also get a 10% cashback on any fees you pay when using the platform by entering the code.
Feel free to use my referral code: "2ZKQQ6D3" - Get a 10% cashback on fees.
  • Go to your email inbox and verify your email through the verification email from Poloniex.
  • That's it! After that, you can deposit and hopefully, within a week or two, trade $BLINK on Poloniex.

Signing up through Poloniex iOS or Android app

  • Download the Poloniex app on either Google Play Store or Apple AppStore.
  • Open the Poloniex app.
Poloniex iOS app
Poloniex iOS app - Landing Page.
  • Click the bottom-left icon in the navbar.
Sign Up or Log In to Poloniex app.
  • Click the "Sign up"-button and the sign-up form is loaded.
  • Fill in the necessary details.
  • Feel free to enter my referral code in the process, "2ZKQQ6D3", any proceeds will go towards coffee or more $BLINK.
  • You also get a 10% cashback on any fees you pay when using the platform by entering the code.
Fill in the details that are asked for to sign up to Poloniex.
  • Go to your email inbox to verify your details through the verification email Poloniex just sent you.
  • After that you are done, good luck with the trading!
Spot Trading $BLINK on Poloniex could be a thing in a week or two.

By the way, I hope you are loading up on these levels!