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Redacted Rabbits NFT Mint Details (Including teasers) 🤫

Last week, I wrote a review of the Redacted Rabbits NFT that is being minted on the 4th of December. Explaining a bunch of things relating to Secret Network, Secret NFTs, the existing collections, and everything you need to know about Redacted Rabbits NFT.

Now we're approach the fun part - the Redacted Rabbits NFT mint. About 28 hours away at the time of writing these words. Hype!

Below, you can read all the information about the mint:

  • Date and time;
  • Mint price;
  • Supply;
  • Whitelist mint;
  • Public mint;
  • Reserved for team;
  • FAQ.

Plus guides for every step of the Secret NFT minting process. Check what is applicable to your situation, then follow the guide/s.

If you want my view and review of the Redacted Rabbits NFT, read this article. If you are unsure whether to mint or not, that article will sway you in the right direction. 👀

Redacted Rabbits NFT Mint Details

  • When does the mint start? 05:00 PM UTC on the 4th of December
  • What is the mint price? 42 $sSCRT*
  • NFT supply: 1,337
  • Whitelist supply: ~444
  • Public mint supply: 1,337 minus what gets minted from the whitelist
  • Reserved for team**: 37
  • Mint website: TBA - keep an eye out in official communication channels

*Please note that the token used for mint is not $SCRT, it is the secret version $sSCRT. You can swap or convert to secretSCRT. Guides below on how to go about it. You will however, need a small amount of $SCRT in our Keplr Wallet to cover for gas fees as the transactions are paid using $SCRT. Mint = $sSCRT. Gas fees = $SCRT.

**The 37 reserved for the team are earmarked for Giveaways, Market, Mods, etc.

Official contacts:


Whitelist Mint Information

The Whitelist is closed right now. Everyone that is eligible for the Whitelist has the right to claim 2x Redacted Rabbits NFT.

In total, ~444 are reserved for the Whitelist mint.

The time window for Whitelist mint is from 05:00 PM UTC 4/12 to 05:00 PM UTC 7/12 - 72 hours.

Any unclaimed Redacted Rabbits from the Whitelist will be released to the public after 05:00 PM UTC 7/12.

If you want to verify your eligibility:

  • "!address <secret_address>" in 🤖┃bot-commands in official Discord.
  • Reach out in 📩┃support or DM official Twitter if you have any issues.

Public Mint Information

The Public Mint is open to everyone. It opens 05:00 PM UTC on the 4th of December.

The total supply of 1,337 minus the ~444 in Whitelist is available in Public Mint.

After 72 hours from the opening of the Public Mint, any unclaimed Redacted Rabbits from the Whitelist will be released to the public. So, in case you missed the mint, be prepared at 05:00 PM UTC on the 7th of December for another chance (if there are any left from the Whitelist). Follow official communication channels for exact information.

For example:

The public mint is minted out after 6 hours. Meanwhile, only ~368/444 NFTs are minted by the Whitelist during the course of 72 hours. The ~76 unclaimed Rabbits will be released to the public.


Secret NFTs Minting Guides


FAQ Redacted Rabbits NFT Mint Details

Can I mint with $SCRT?

No, you will need the secret version of $SCRT - please convert to secretSCRT ($sSCRT) following this guide.

How do I get a Secret Address?

You can get it by creating and using a Keplr Wallet, guide here.

What Wallet do I use to mint Redacted Rabbits NFT?

You need to use Keplr Wallet to mint Redacted Rabbits NFT, and any other Secret NFT.

How many can I mint?

Unlimited, as long as the supply lasts.

Can I mint more than one at once?

There is a limit of 1 per transaction (tx).

How much $SCRT do I need for gas?

You will be safe with around 0.25 $SCRT for gas, but a good rule of thumb is to keep 1 $SCRT for gas. You don't want to be stranded anywhere.

What makes Secret NFTs unique?

Secret Network is a privacy blockchain, not just in terms of transactions and store-of-value. They provide privacy on the application layer. This means that non-fungible tokens in the Secret Network, so-called Secret NFTs, have unique attributes. The capacity to hide ownership, secret metadata, and control access to connected content of the NFT.

The most exciting way Redacted Rabbits have utilized this is by having Secret DNA stored in the Secret Metadata that will later provide utility in each NFT. Read more about that in their roadmap.

Will the Public Mint start later than 05:00 PM UTC?

No, both the Whitelist and the Public Mint start at the same time - 05:00 PM UTC on the 4th of December.

What is all this talk about a Lizard King?

Join the Redacted Club and you'll find out!

Redacted Rabbits NFT mint is on the 4th of December!
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