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Redacted Rabbits Secret NFT "SOLD OUT" in less than 40 minutes 🕳️ 🐇

Yesterday was a good day. It marked the smoothest Secret NFT launch in the Secret Network to date. Public mint sold out in less than 40 minutes. To the praise of key people within the Secret Network organization, and new club members. Part of the Whitelist mint still remains intact.

Congratulations to everyone that got their hands on a Redacted Rabbit NFT, and effectively became members of the Redacted Club. For those that didn't - there is still a chance to cop a rabbit, or even two!

Additional supply released on Tuesday 7/12 05:00 PM UTC

As you may have heard, there was the Whitelist mint, and the Public mint. Both started at the same time, at 05:00 PM UTC on the 4th of December (yesterday). The difference with the Whitelist mint was that everyone on it was/is guaranteed 2x Redacted Rabbits NFTs. And, that the mint window for the Whitelist is active from the 4/12 to 7/12. Any NFTs that were not minted during that window, will be released to the public.

Yes, that is right. If there are any Redacted Rabbits NFTs left after 05:00 PM UTC on the 7th of December, these will be available in the public mint.

So, if you are tearing your hair about the missed opportunity, be ready on the 7th:

Keep an eye out in official channels:

So, what about the Secret NFT mint yesterday?

In one word: Success!

The public mint was sold out in less than 40 minutes - with very few technical issues. The contract used will provide a solid blueprint for future Secret NFTs mints. 💯

I have participated in three of the recent mints, and compared to Secret Punks and Secret Agent Doge, this better executed.

Ok, there were reports of technical issues. Quite a few. Even I experienced it while minting away. But it wasn't as much of an error than a matter of miscommunication, a lack of UI. What many people experienced as an error was the process of being placed in a block queue:

A simple toast message to the user saying "Current block is full, placed in queue and waiting for your tx to be included in a future block. Please wait." could have solved the "error" many experienced yesterday.

There was also a case of "that guy" from WhisperNode having an issue with SSL, once that got flushed from his end he did not have any issues minting. Welcome to the Redacted Club!

What better grade than this could the mint get, Tor Bair of Secret Network announced (he even minted as you can further down):

Tor Bair got the famous "Turdbun".
Praise from the Secret Father himself.

WhisperNode was happy in the end.

There is always going to be an NFT whale.

Angry rabbits, happy owners.

Missed opportunities.

Don't worry, wagmi.

The orange (carrot) prison suit is probably my favourite.

All are rare, wagmi.

Time to build the Redacted Club.

And I got a new PFP (still not sure which to use):

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