RocketMoon Tips & Tricks - PancakeSwap and Crypto Wallets 🥞 🚀

Buying RocketMoon through PancakeSwap can sometimes be a source of frustration. There is definitely more friction swapping coins than buying it straight off an exchange like Binance.

Lately, to add some more friction, PancakeSwap has grown to become incredibly popular. Leading to heavy loads on their dApps and swapping mechanisms.

RocketMoon Tips & Tricks ⚙️

I thought I would go through some tips and tricks that may resolve your issues around swapping your $BNB for $RMOON, get the $RMOON token to display in your crypto wallet and inform about all the issues around incorrect balances in Trust Wallet.

So, read on, hopefully you will learn a thing or two to make the experience of buying RocketMoon more pleasant.

Swap using $BNB 🥞

The easiest and most recommended version of swapping $RMOON is to swap using $BNB. If you don't have $BNB you can easily purchase it from an exchange such as e.g. Binance Exchange.

Increase slippage to between 10% and 15% 🥞

If you use a lower slippage than 10%, you are very unlikely to get your transaction through. Important to set the slippage in PancakeSwap to 10-15%.

RocketMoon tips and tricks slippage
Set slippage to 10% and 15%.

Use a rounded number for $RMOON when swapping in PancakeSwap 🥞

Instead of maxing the full amount of $RMOON during a swap:

Instead of using a max value, use a rounded number ending with a 0.

Use a rounded number and end it with a 0:

RocketMoon tips and tricks rounded number
This will most likely solve your transaction issue.

HELP: "I cannot see my RocketMoon tokens in my wallet!" 😔

Depending on what wallet you are using, to see your $RMOON hodlings, you need to be on the BSC network (RocketMoon runs on BSC). BSC is not necessarily the default network in your wallet. Usually, in the top bar of the wallet, regardless if you use a browser extension wallet or a crypto app wallet - is where you can switch between networks.

So, first step, make sure you are on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Now, after switching, your $RMOON will likely not show in the list of available tokens. But don't panic.

The next step is to add the $RMOON token address so your wallet can "pick it up" and show it in the UI of the crypto wallet you are using.

Again, depending on what crypto wallet you are using, the steps to adding a token is different.

The token address for $RMOON is 0x78bc22a215c1ef8a2e41fa1c39cd7bdc09bd5174 - you can find it on BSCscan. Be careful, there are a couple of fake BEP-20 tokens trying to disguise as RocketMoon. You can double-check this info in CoinGecko, CMC, official TG or the official RocketMoon website.

RocketMoon in TrustWallet

In the landing page of your TW app, click three bars in the top-right corner. Search for "RocketMoon" or add the custom token address.

RocketMoon in MetaMask

In MetaMask - go to the bottom and "Add Token", you will have to use the custom token address.

RocketMoon in BSC Wallet

In BSC Wallet - go to the bottom and "Add Token", you will have to use the custom token address.

After switching to the BSC network and added the token, it should appear in your wallet shortly.

HELP: "Wrong or low balance in TrustWallet!" 😰

Do not worry, this has been a common issue in the last 48 hours and something that is not uncommon with crypto wallets. Especially with lower mCap projects that are only available through PancakeSwap.

It is simply an error with TrustWallet not showing the correct balance. Under the hood, your hodlings are safe and accurate, but the UI displaying this information is off.

People that have complained about this issue have had it magically resolve within minutes to hours. Nothing to be done as it is a glitch with TrustWallet.

Suggestions to add onto this "RocketMoon Tips & Tricks"-list

DM me on Twitter if you encounter other issues or if you think there are any other RocketMoon tips & tricks we can add to this list.

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