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𝕊 Secret Network NFT Redacted Rabbits - Secret NFTs

Despite being relatively unknown to the mainstream eye, 𝕊 Secret Network and the Secret NFTs made headlines recently. Quentin Tarantino, one of the greatest movie directors of all time announced that he would launch an NFT collection. Tarantino and his team's network of choice? Secret Network, and its Secret NFTs.

I won't go into the details about the Tarantino Secret NFT collection. Instead I wanted to write about Stashh and the most interesting Secret NFT that is about to drop. Correction, the most interesting Secret NFT alongside Anons NFT collection.

Unfortunately, I missed the Anons NFT earlier this year. That was the first Secret NFT collection, which was released by 𝕊 Secret Network in collaboration with OpenSea. Background to my disappointment is that I bought my first $SCRTs about one year ago when I first got into cryptos. Bought $SCRT and $ATOM. I have been staking since. Big fan. Would have loved one of the 580 Anons that were minted:

  • First Secret Network NFT PFP collection.
  • First private by default NFT collection.
  • First Secret NFT community.

Plus the awesome artwork that just screams Secret Network.

Look at that. I missed the mint. NGMI. Secret NFT, ANON #139.

What about buying Anons NFT from the secondary market? Currently, there is no official secondary market since Stashh is still under development. But there have been private sales of Anons NFT facilitated by escrows. Even if Stashh was available right now, or I'd hit someone up for a private sale, I simply would not afford it. The latest sale amounted to 15,000 $SCRT, Anon #357. Around $105,000 dollars.

So, yeah, that shipped sailed.

But, yesterday when visiting the Stashh discord server I came across an upcoming Secret NFT collection about to mint in three days. One that will be among the first Secret NFT collections to be released. And available once secondary markets are up via the Stashh platform. Redacted Rabbits NFT.

Redacted Rabbits NFT

Out of all the planned NFT collections to be released in relation to the launch of Stashh and the widespread availability of Secret NFTs, Redacted Rabbits is the most exciting one.


Because they are true to 𝕊 Secret Network and its values. I was bummed about missing Anons mint because I have owned $SCRT for about one year. Alongside Cosmos Network and $ATOM, Secret Network was the second crypto I bought into. And kept. Partly because of the expected appreciation of the value of $SCRT, and partly because of its fundamental utility for data privacy.

Redacted Rabbits NFTs lives on the Secret Network and inherently has privacy by default. Along with a secret community, treasuring privacy and values around it.

Secret Network NFT: Redacted Rabbits NFT. Not missing this mint. WAGMI.

Data privacy, Secret Network, and Redacted Rabbits NFT

Privacy is a must in Web 3.0. Soon enough, we will have a whole blockchain season dedicated to privacy and security. Most of the PoS networks and dApps won't see real-world traction without data privacy. Any blockchains or dApps that want to survive and thrive in years to come need to have privacy at its core.

Web 2.0 failed to build privacy in its core. Currently, web 2.0 is in a battle for digital privacy between jurisdictions and tech giants. But, the way things are shaping up, privacy is turning into a privilege for those who can afford it. That is far from privacy at its core. Privacy needs to be default, a right of everyone. Not conditional data tracking based on you paying a premium for your new iPhone or not. Truth is, privacy is not a right as of now. And the future of data privacy in web 2.0 could take on several forms.

Web 3.0 can do better than that. The 𝕊 Secret Network is helping to shape that future. This is the reason why I was so bummed about missing out on Anons mint. And, why I'm on the other hand is excited about Redacted Rabbits NFT.

I won't go into detail about Secret Network here, I will save that for a future post. But in short, 𝕊 Secret Network is a blockchain where data privacy is built-in by default. Something that protects users and secures dApps being built using its protocol.

Blockchain technology today is superior from a privacy perspective compared to web 2.0. But blockchain networks are largely public by default. Sure there is a high level of security and often blockchain technology is touted for its anonymous attributes, but in reality it is not anonymous. Thanks to blockchain inherent transparency, data is exposed for everyone to see. The technology of 𝕊Secret Network encrypts data by default, effectively providing data privacy on the blockchain. I will try to explain Secret Network in a future post for those that are interested.

Back to the Redacted Rabbits NFT.

The artwork of Redacted Rabbits is unique, and totally down the unknown alleys of 𝕊Secret Network.

What is Redacted Rabbits NFT?

The Redacted Rabbits is a collection of 1,337 Redacted Rabbits NFT - collectively they make up the Redacted Club. The mint date is set to 29/11, in three days. Effectively, this will be one of the first Secret NFT collections launched in the Secret Network.

As mentioned, the Redacted Rabbits will exist privately inside the 𝕊Secret Network. By leveraging the privacy-by-default protocol.

The collection have unique attributes that cannot be found in any other blockchain today. The ownership of each NFT is private. Each owner will have exclusive access to the private metadata stored in each NFT. The secret metadata is both the membership card, and the secret key to future utility and access in the Redacted Club and the 𝕊 Secret Network.

This is written on the website:

The Redacted Club was founded under the following principles:

Roam the Metaverse without disclosing your pseudonymous identity. Protect and spread the virtues of decentralization and privacy, expanding private blockchains as a community.

Should you align with these virtues, mint a Redacted Rabbit to go down the Rabbithole, protect yourself from the Lizard King, and join the Redacted Club to uphold decentralization and privacy.

Each Rabbit has unique private metadata that serves as your key 🗝️ to a world of secrets and opportunity that will be revealed over time.

Redacted Rabbits official channels:

Redacted Rabbits NFT collection, one of the first privacy-by-default NFTs available through the Secret Network.

Mint date and mint price for Redacted Rabbits NFT

The mint for Redacted Rabbits NFT is scheduled for:

  • 29th of November, 6PM UTC.

More details will be released on the Redacted Club's Discord and Twitter closer to mint.

The mint price of Redacted Rabbits NFT:

  • 42 $SCRT.

Total supply of Redacted Rabbits NFTs:

  • 1,337.

You will need to wrap your $SCRT to $sSCRT. This is done easily through this portal hosted on 𝕊Secret Network's site. You would first have to obtain $SCRT tokens, then transfer your $SCRT to your Keplr wallet, and after that wrap them.

Tomorrow I will write a guide on how to mint Secret NFT. Which will include processes of acquiring $SCRT, Keplr wallet, and wrapping $SCRT to $sSCRT. I'll try to include some best practices for safety taken from me minting in other networks. Including only using mint links from officials channels. I won't include any mint links on this website. And you should never use mint links provided by any other entity than an official website, official discord, official telegram, official twitter, etc.

Redacted Rabbits NFT whitelist closed yesterday. But there will be enough rabbits to allow for people copping through the public mint.

Redacted Rabbits NFT mint and beyond

Everything that is Secret NFT is new. The first collection that was released by 𝕊Secret Network themselves dates back to October. Redacted Rabbits will be one of the genesis collections to launch. This means that the future is unknown, largely a secret. What is known about the Redacted Club is this:

  • Rabbit Dossier to launch - a place to view all Redacted Rabbit NFTs.
  • After the mint, all member of the Redacted Club will be sent invitations to "The Rabbit Hole" - allowing members to communicate behind closed walls.
  • Redacted Rabbits to launch as one of the first Secret NFT collections on the new Stashh marketplace.
  • Redacted Regalia Store Launch.
  • Secret Rabbit DNA (Secret Metadata)

In a recent AMA in the Stashh Discord, the team behind Redacted Rabbits were very open and inviting about a dynamic vision beyond what has been set out in the vision thus far. Where members of the Redacted Club can participate and shape the future. Including how the community can get involved with privacy in web 3.0.

Beyond becoming advocates of privacy, I would love a 1:1 NFT collection about Bad Bunnies (or Blacklisted Bunnies), launch of a token related to the NFT which opens up a world of game theory and utility.

Don't miss out! I for sure won't miss this one after missing the ANON NFT.

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