SecretPunks talk, plus SecretPunks Rarity Stats List 🦄

On the 28th of November, me and many others participated in the SecretPunks NFT mint. In terms of NFT volume it was the biggest Secret NFT collection to date, at 10,000 SecretPunks in total. The mint price was 10 $sSCRT, and the whole supple sold out in around 12 hours.

Since then, it has been relatively quiet from the team behind SecretPunks, they remain secretive, so to speak. That doesn't mean that it has been quiet about this new Secret NFT project. On the contrary, there are tons of talk about rarity, buying and selling, and, the big fat countdown timer on the SecretPunks official website.

In this article, I wrote down some thoughts about the project, weighted in on the speculations of the aforementioned countdown timer. I also came across a rarity list released by the SecretPunks on their Telegram.

SecretPunks Rarity Stats List

The following rarity stats list was taken from a TG message from the SecretPunks admin in the Telegram group.

  • 1 ??? (Redacted)
  • 5 RGB
  • 1 ??? (Redacted)
  • 1 ??? (Redacted)
  • 1 ??? (Redacted)
  • 1 ??? (Redacted)
  • 10 Nova
  • 33 Supercluster
  • 33 Nebula
  • 33 Quasar
  • 50 Void
  • 50 Acid
  • 188 Moonlight
  • 263 Monster
  • 368 ASH
  • 158 Monsoon
  • 184 Typhoon
  • 154 Flash
  • 174 Storm
  • 175 Hurricane
  • 229 Aurora
  • 224 Sunset
  • 268 Holy
  • 218 Neon
  • 242 Blossom
  • 230 Nightshade
  • 127 Ember
  • 182 Ultraviolet
  • 297 Arctic
  • 161 Cayenne
  • 316 Glow
  • 124 Tulip
  • 359 Solar
  • 234 Tropic
  • 406 Noir
  • 341 Aquamarine
  • 311 Emerald
  • 371 Ruby
  • 403 Citrine
  • 442 Heliodor
  • 386 Sapphire
  • 356 Amethyst
  • 212 Flare
  • 113 Beacon
  • 363 Rose
  • 317 Toxic
  • 200 Tundra
  • 221 Ocean
  • 251 Meadow
  • 213 Lava

This SecretPunks rarity lists provide a statistical count for the (secret) background exclusive to the Punks living inside Secret Network.

Since SecretPunks is a derivative of the original CryptoPunks, you can check the original rarity score for those via Rarity.Tools. Just look up your SecretPunk counterpart over there to see how it ranks based on attributes. That score coupled with the rarity of your background will give you a good idea of what kind of SecretPunk/s you are sitting on.

The debate on how heavy the Secret Background should be weighted is yet to be decided on. There are those saying that the rare BG's should have a much higher weight than the rare traits from original Punks. On this, I think the market will decide once Stashh opens up. Tricky with the background being secret and all. 🤔

Below is a visual representation of the stats provided by a person from the SecretPunks community:

SecretPunks Rarity List

SecretPunks Countdown Timer

What about the SecretPunks countdown timer that's been slowly ticking down over the last couple of days, and currently has about 5 hours left on it.

A countdown timer shrouded in secrecy.

So, there are a couple of rumours and speculations about what is going to be revealed once it hits 00:00:00:00:

  • Elon Musk partnership
  • Airdrop
  • Larva Labs reveal
  • Another mint
  • New website
  • Roadmap
  • Rarity tool

Those are just a few of some more realistic speculations and, yeah, somewhat more unrealistic. I ranked them from unrealistic to more realistic. The most common unrealistic speculation is Larva Labs reveal.

Larva Labs Reveal

Larva Labs are the creators of the original 10,000 CryptoPunks living on the Ethereum blockchain. One of the OG NFT projects that started the NFT revolution. Since CryptoPunks, Larva Labs have worked on several projects:

  • Meebits - 20,000 NFT 3D characters tied to a marketplace with 0 fees.
  • Autoglyphs - First on-chain generative art on the Ethereum blockchain.

And several mobile applications and data projects, often in collaboration with Google.

The idea here is that the "Larva Lab Reveal" will be an announcement that Larva Labs are behind SecretPunks. Plausible? Maybe. Unlikely? Very. I wouldn't say that it is impossible, because who the hell knows. The blockchain space is full of surprises. But it is extremely, extremely, extremely unlikely that Larva Labs are behind SecretPunks.

What is more likely

It is likelier that we get any, or a combination of the last three on that bullet list. Official rarity tool combining unique secret backgrounds and original CryptoPunks traits, with official weight that gives us a true rank. Updated/new website. Some shape or form of roadmap.

But it could be anything, really! We will see in about 5 hours.

Keep an eye out in the Spunks Twitter:

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