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The Family NFT Review - Secret NFTs 👻

The Family NFT Review

The Family is a Secret NFT project wrapped in network Ethos that characterizes creators, developers and users of Secret Network.

This review is written by Red_Eyed_Bear

This is definitely one of my favorite collections to launch on Stashh Marketplace in many regards. The art is all hand drawn, very well I might add, and each character is unique. Being an artist myself, I can appreciate the time, effort, creativity, and appreciation of the Secret Network ethos that went into creating this project. I love how the collection has been divided into different clans that represent different aspects of the Secret Network community. This gives a personal touch to the potential buyers, who can identify with what they like best about the Secret Network! No matter what role you play in the community, you can find yourself fitting in amongst The Family!

Within each wave released, starting at Wave 2, there is a rare member amongst the group, with its rarity and traits to be revealed soon! The family has a total of 100 members, giving potential buyers statistically fair odds at getting a rare mint. I also can appreciate paying homage to the creators and developers of the Secret Network, by creating the “Godfathers” characters, each having legendary status. Too often, I feel people overlook those who came before us in the blockchain world. Current users would be nothing without those who built, developed, and tested all the wonderful aspects of our favorite network for years prior to being made available to the public. To those who built, used, improved, and promoted the architecture, we thank you. As a result, these individuals will find themselves immortalized as founders and key players in the Network, and represented as such within this collection!

Each character has his own description, which details his life hidden in secrecy. Your character could be a powerful businessman, stealthy hacker, capital gains smuggler, terrorizing mutant, etc. This further increases the potential depth of the backstory for the collection and network as a whole, seemingly representing talent brought together from across the ecosystem, and united under the common front that privacy should be had by all. No matter where you started, you ended with The Family of the Secret Network.

Table of Contents:

  • What are Secret NFTs?
  • The Family NFT backstory and concept
  • Mint details
  • Art
  • FAQ

Short intro about what Secret NFTs are

The Family NFT - story and concept

Hidden in the shadows, a family shrouded in secrecy lies. From all corners of the network, private clans, each unique in the paths they walk and each specializing in their own sets of tasks, are bound together through blood and oath. That oath was to remain forever secret, and to protect each other at all costs. This is The Family. Members range from the most affluent members of the Secret Network society such as the Stashh Aristocrats, to the most nefarious underworld dwellers such as the SCRT Lab Mutants, Snip-20 Imps, and the SecretSwap Smuggler, to those fighting on the front lines of privacy such as the Secret Agents, Sienna Soldiers, and Shadow Assassins. While all are proficient, unquestionably intelligent, and powerful in their own right, there would be no Family without the Godfathers. These 10 beings created and transformed this family into what it is today. They shaped its past, present, and future and will forever be embedded within The Family’s history.

It is said that within each clan, one member possesses special powers, those unachievable by the other members of the clan. This member is said to be revered, as it is rare for Family members to achieve these unique traits. While special, these members know that it would be impossible to achieve The Family’s mission without the other members. And thus all members, including the legends (the Godfathers), realize they must be endlessly supportive of each other, regardless of abilities.

The world has never truly seen a member of The Family. Small glimpses and shadows have been heard of in some towns, but none of these sightings has ever been recorded. But one thing is true. When in the presence of a member of The Family, you can feel it in the air. That feeling of a presence watching and waiting, of something right behind you, something powerful…yet you look around to find yourself all alone. If anyone from the outside ever truly wanted to meet a member of The Family, they must understand it comes with a price. No Family member would reveal themselves willing. Only absolute assurance of secrecy and privacy would unlock the identity of these members. And that assurance is mutually assured destruction. Once revealed, The Family member melds his identity with his contact, intertwining them in privacy, ensuring that if the member’s identity were revealed to the public, the contact’s would meet a similar fate.

The Family NFT Mint Details

The minting of this collection is a bit different than others launched on Stashh Marketplace. While most of the successfully launched NFT collections released their entire collection at once, The Family and a few select others are choosing to unveil small portions of their collection in a staggered manner. Personally, I think this benefits both the collection and the collectors, as it prevents a relative oversaturation of the Stashh Marketplace, and drives hype and success rate for quickly minting-out the upcoming release waves.

  • Wave 1: Dec. 26th, 2021 (10 released)
  • Wave 2: Dec. 28th, 2021 (11 released) incl. Godfather #1
  • Wave 3: Dec. 30th, 2021 (13 released) incl. Godfather #2
  • Wave 4: Jan. 1st. 2022 (13 released) incl. Godfather #3

Mint Price: *Varies based on clan:

  • Secret Lab Mutants, Secret Agent,  = 49-52 sSCRT
  • Sienna Soldier, SNIP-20 Imp, SecretSwap Smuggler = 49 sSCRT
  • Stashh Aristocrat = 39-49 sSCRT
  • Godfather = 99 sSCRT

Official Contact Details.

The Family NFT can be minted on Stashh, the official Secret NFT marketplace.

Examples of different clan type artwork

Examples of The Family NFT art - Secret Agents and Snip-20 Imp characters.
The Family NFT - Sienna Soldier character.

FAQ The Family NFT Review - Secret NFTs

What is the mint price?

The mint price will vary by clan. So far, the lowest mint price is 39 $sSCRT, and the highest being 99 $sSCRT.

Can I mint with any Secret Token?

No. You need $sSCRT to mint. However, they can be listed for resale on Stashh in a variety of Secret Tokens.

What NFT metadata is kept private in this collection?

The character name and artwork can only be revealed by the owner.

Where will upcoming wave release announcements be made?

Announcements regarding the release of the next waves will be made on their twitter and Stashh Marketplace discord server (under The Family Mansion thread), and the collection’s discord server (The Family server).

Is it possible to view a gallery of all the Family members without being an owner?

Yes! Check out the collection's website to view the amazing art hidden behind the public images seen on Stashh marketplace.

When will the website be updated to include all the members of The Family?

The gallery on the collection’s website will be updated to include new members every 2 waves.

Is there a roadmap for the project?

The future of The Family lies in the collective goals of its members. While there is no formal roadmap laid out, members can decide on the future direction of the collection, including adding new branches to the collection or creating other elements.

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