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List of top Secret NFTs I am most bullish on in 2022 🤫

List of top Secret NFTs I am most bullish on in 2022

A ton of things are happening in Secret Network. We ended the year with Secret NFTs and are now starting the year with Shade Protocol. Given the hype around Shade and Silk, most eyes will be turned that way at the start of 2022. I have also theorized that Stashh marketplace is a double-edged sword. However, there are always risks, and there are always mini bear markets and full-blown arctic winters. Either which way, I am bullish on several Secret NFTs that should be able to establish solid floor prices and value gains in 2022 thanks to:

  • OG-collections (pre-Stashh and early Stashh 2021)
  • Community
  • Utility (alpha, DAO, treasury, airdrops)
  • Scarcity
  • Exclusivity
  • Art


What is a Secret NFT?


Anons NFT

Anons NFT art example.


The OG collections in blockchain networks always do well. In the case of Secret NFTs and Secret Network, the stars are aligned for Anons NFT to continue to be a highly valued asset in 2022. I believe that the desire to own an Anons NFT can extend beyond just the Secret NFT community, and the overall Secret Network, to the rest of the IBC community.

Anons NFT is already priced at a level that makes it exclusive and scarce. Most major players in the Secret Network use an Anon as their NFT. There is no better marketing than that. It also signals that the project and its community aligns well with the mission of Secret Network.

I do not own an Anon, there is a lot of utility coming from owning one of these NFTs. It grants access to private channels where valuable information is shared amongst community members. They are also working on setting up a validator node in the Secret Network tied to a community DAO + treasury. A treasury which in turn can help the Anons NFT grow, and create future utility for hodlers.

In summary:

  • OG
  • Exclusive
  • Scarce (low supply)
  • Strong community
  • Utility (Alpha comms, validator node, DAO, treasury)
  • The art is great too

Redacted Club

Redacted Club NFT art example.


I always touted Redacted Club NFTs as the next best thing after Anons NFT. Disclaimer, I hodl some Redacted Rabbits. I do not hodl any Anons NFT (WTB). I am also a community mod in the Discord. I don’t want to come off as shilling my bag. I wrote about the project even before the mint, around two weeks prior, saying that Redacted Club stands a good chance of becoming a blue chip NFT. For the same reasons as to why Anons made it so big. This was before hodling any Rabbits, and before I was a mod.

Same now as then, the upside of Redacted Rabbits is not as high as Anons NFT because it is not the *first* NFT collection, nor is it an official NFT of Secret Network the way Anons is. But the potential upside is still great. There has been numerous sales of 1,000+ $SCRT already.

The reason is that Redacted Club NFT has the same things going for it:

  • OG (3rd after Anons NFT and Secret Punks - because we don’t count Secret Agent Doge, right?)
  • Potential to be exclusive (favoured by Anons and Secret Network community)
  • Scarce (relatively low supply)
  • Strong community
  • Utility (Alpha comms, sales bot, games tied to it, great dev team, and some (IMO) great utility coming soon*)
  • Best art in Secret NFTs for a PFP

*I can’t comment on the upcoming utility as I do not have 100% of all details. But keep an eye out on the Twitter and Discord of Redacted Rabbits for an update in roadmap and planner deliveries.

Ample Agents NFT

Ample Agents LLC NFT art example - shoutout Alter dApp.


Ample Agents LLC NFT is another one of my hodlings that I’ve again written and engaged a lot about long before the mint took place. Given the extremely low supply (only 69 Ample Agents*), there were 0 guarantees that I would be able to mint. I was lucky enough to get one in the <3 minute time-period it took to mint out (at $169 mint price). I mention this because I really don’t want to come off as simply shilling what I hodl.

Ample Agents was planned and built from October and was one of the first projects with a channel in the Stashh Discord server. The team behind it was always present and gave off great energy. Something that rubbed off on me and many others. For me, the main thing about Ample Agents was initially the awesome art and cool concept. It is easily the most unique NFT concept, not only looking inside the Secret NFT community, but even outside Secret Network.

Besides the visuals, I like Ample Agents for the same reasons I like Anons NFT and Redacted Club NFT:

  • Early NFT in Secret Network
  • Exclusive (high price and already some prominent players in the Secret Network in the small community)
  • Scarce (Only 69 supply)
  • Utility (Secret Missions hidden in the secret metadata, partnership with Alter dApp granting 1-year sub, 1:1 Voxel character for meta verse game, and more deliveries planned (unknown))
  • Great concept and unique art

AnonsNFT Stickers

AnonsNFT Stickers art example.


The AnonsNFT Stickers collection was created by kersoness, arguably the most well-established NFT artist in the Secret NFT community. A female artist from Russia that has been creating unofficial derivative art for the Anons community. Hodlers of Anons have been able to order custom art and full-body Anons from kersoness. Her art has been a big hit. The AnonsNFT Stickers collection was her first official drop through the Stashh marketplace.

Effectively, in my mind, we have a known artist with her own room in Stashh Discord since November. Closely tied to Anons NFTs without being the creator of the collection. Popular amongst Anons hodlers because of her contributions over the last couple of months. Mainly famous for creating Anons derivatives that people love. Now she has an official collection which makes AnonsNFT Stickers and “official unofficial” Anons derivative.

My hypothesis around this collection is that the extremely low supply (42) and her history/ties with Anons community will drive exclusivity and give the supply a relatively high floor in relation to the mint price (75 $SCRT). At the time of writing this list of 7 Secret NFTs I am most bullish on in 2022, the floor price is 150 $SCRT. The highest registered sale in secondary was 250 $SCRT. I am pretty sure this collection could inch much higher in 2022 than just a 2x floor.

The AnonsNFT stickers collection also has some utility in the form of it being a sticker pack in communications and social media channels. They are available in Telegram (and widely used by everyone in any Secret NFT-related channel. I suggested to kersoness that she check with Stashh to have it as a sticker collection in the official Stashh Discord sever. Which may happen.

  • Early NFT in Secret Network
  • Potential to become an exclusive Secret NFT
  • Scarce (extremely low supply)
  • Utility as it doubles as a sticker/emoji in the Secret NFT community
  • PFP-worthy
  • Awesome hand-drawn art featuring your favourite Anons in different forms


The Family NFT

The Family NFT art example.


The last Secret NFT on this list is contributed by Red_Eyed_Bear. He recently wrote an informative article about The Family NFT. I recommend reading it if you want to get more familiar with the fam fam.

The Family contains all the main value drivers an NFT collection should have. There is a low supply of items within the collection (100), so it is scarce. The art is high-quality, captivating, and hand drawn. Each character possess completely unique properties, along with different clan types. Personally I think this collection, out of all on Stashh, best represents the various aspects of all parts of the network, by highlighting all its key contributors, applications, and users within the larger community. By owning a part of the Family NFT collection I identify better with Secret Network as a part of the larger Secret Network community. As a proud supporter, user, and member of the Secret Network, I love that I can choose a character that best represents what I love about the network the most. For these reasons, I am very bullish on “The Family” and think it will do especially well as the Secret Network grows. We’ve got more and more Secret Agents and SecretSwap smugglers joining the ranks as applications go live.

  • Early NFT in Secret Network
  • Potential to become an exclusive Secret NFT
  • Scarce (extremely low supply)
  • Community
  • Great hand-drawn art


What about the rest of the Secret NFT collections?

There are obviously many more Secret NFT collections available today, and new projects being minted every other day. Not being on this list does not mean the projects are not good. I own NFTs from other collections too, but I am not as bullish on those as I am with the five on this list. Honourable mentions are:


  • Secret Dogs (because dogs + crypto = win)
  • Secret Order of the Mystic Skulls (the rare ones)
  • Secret Punks (the rare ones)
  • Emergent Properties (wildcard)
  • ‍

Plus, I must disclose that I do not own a crystal ball, I am not able to see the future, unfortunately. I am at best as good at guessing as anyone else. Always DYOR before buying Secret NFTs or any other crypto asset.

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