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Cross-chain collaborations, baby - Midnight Teddy Club x Skeleton Punks x IBCNFTs

Not the first time I am writing about Midnight Teddy Club, an upcoming Secret NFT. However, it is the first time I write about Skeleton Punks NFT, and the first time I mention a Terra NFT. Cool stuff! And, of course, IBC NFTs for everything cross-chain NFTs - IBC Frens forever!


Midnight Teddy Club NFT Review

Backlog of NFT reviews is growing with every new collection. Shift in focus to a new platform stole all my time these last two weeks. Apologies for that. But here we go, first out, a Midnight Teddy Club NFT review. Enjoy!


FOMO - When Fear and Greed takes the driver seat, and how to start fighting it 👊🏼

FOMO is when fear and greed drives the decision-making process in buying and selling NFTs or cryptos. Typically, FOMO-based decisions yields negative returns, and can have a negative impact on your health. Recognize FOMO decisions and try to beat it. You are not alone, these behavioural mechanisms were first recognized in the 16th century.


Why some Secret NFTs are valuable and others aren't 🤷‍♂️

Why some Secret NFTs are valuable and others aren't, or, main value drivers in NFTs. Some things that I consider to be important when evaluating Secret NFTs and all other types of NFTs around the many blockchain networks available in the metaverse.


Shade Protocol Whitepaper Analysis {S = S}

𝕊 - Reading and understanding blockchain Whitepapers can be a daunting task. Shade Protocol is no exception. However, the rewards of reading and understanding a Whitepaper will create a complete fundamental understanding of the project you are interested to invest in, or are already invested in. In this article, Red_Eyed_Bear have done a Shade Protocol Whitepaper analysis. Reading this analysis gives you a better understanding of Shade Protocol, and saves you tons of time!