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Cross-chain collaborations, baby - Midnight Teddy Club x Skeleton Punks x IBCNFTs

Not the first time I am writing about Midnight Teddy Club, an upcoming Secret NFT. However, it is the first time I write about Skeleton Punks NFT, and the first time I mention a Terra NFT. Cool stuff! And, of course, IBC NFTs for everything cross-chain NFTs - IBC Frens forever!


MetaRats NFT Mint Details

Find out when, what, and how to mint Meta Rats in this write-up covering the MetaRats NFT mint details. Including an FAQ.


Midnight Teddy Club NFT Review

Backlog of NFT reviews is growing with every new collection. Shift in focus to a new platform stole all my time these last two weeks. Apologies for that. But here we go, first out, a Midnight Teddy Club NFT review. Enjoy!


MetaRats NFT Review - only for cheese connoisseurs 🧀 🐁

MetaRats is a highly anticipated upcoming Secret NFT collection. These guys aced the marketing and community building aspects and is off to a great start ahead of the mint. Read my MetaRats NFT review for more information.


FOMO - When Fear and Greed takes the driver seat, and how to start fighting it 👊🏼

FOMO is when fear and greed drives the decision-making process in buying and selling NFTs or cryptos. Typically, FOMO-based decisions yields negative returns, and can have a negative impact on your health. Recognize FOMO decisions and try to beat it. You are not alone, these behavioural mechanisms were first recognized in the 16th century.