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Guide: What is a Crypto Lending Platform?

Crypto lending platforms allow you to either borrow capital or earn interest on your idle digital assets by lending it. If you're ready to start earning a return on your cryptocurrency investments, you can quickly get started with any of the leading crypto lending platforms available on the market. Here is a guide on how to get started.


Binance Bidding on Celsius Network's Assets?

Crypto Winter = Consolidation and Binance are leading the way. There are rumors that Binance are bidding on Celsius Network's assets and given their recent track record they'll be successful in doing so, inching closer to a crypto monopoly.


Binance Buying Spree: Continue Acquisition of Tokocrypto, Indonesia’s Largest Crypto Trading Firm

In recent months, Binance has been on a buying spree, acquiring Sakura, a licensed Japanese crypto exchange, and MX Global, a licensed Malaysian exchange. Now they've acquired controlling interest in Tokocrypto, Indonesia's largest crypto exchange.


Why Are Binance Acquiring Voyager Digital

Voyager Digital users and investors gain some relief as Binance is set to purchase the failed crypto asset management platform for $1.022 billion. But why are Binance acquiring Voyager Digital?


Silvergate: From a Tiny Bank To Leading the Crypto Charge To Class-action Lawsuit

In the wake of the class-action lawsuit against Silvergate bank and my own interest in the Silvergate stock, I wrote an article outlining Silvergate's history, function in the crypto industry, and the pending class-action lawsuit.