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Binance Bidding on Celsius Network's Assets?

Crypto Winter = Consolidation and Binance are leading the way. There are rumors that Binance are bidding on Celsius Network's assets and given their recent track record they'll be successful in doing so, inching closer to a crypto monopoly.


Binance Buying Spree: Continue Acquisition of Tokocrypto, Indonesia’s Largest Crypto Trading Firm

In recent months, Binance has been on a buying spree, acquiring Sakura, a licensed Japanese crypto exchange, and MX Global, a licensed Malaysian exchange. Now they've acquired controlling interest in Tokocrypto, Indonesia's largest crypto exchange.


Why Are Binance Acquiring Voyager Digital

Voyager Digital users and investors gain some relief as Binance is set to purchase the failed crypto asset management platform for $1.022 billion. But why are Binance acquiring Voyager Digital?


A Prolonged Crypto Bear Market - What, How, and Strategies

The crypto industry has faced difficult economic conditions and a bear market in 2022, leading to a number of companies scaling back operations or shutting down. The collapse of the $LUNA market and the FTX exchange played a significant role in these events, causing a wave of liquidations and significant losses. Some companies have sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in an effort to restructure their debts and become financially viable again. The failure of FTX has had major impacts on the industry and put pressure on exchanges to be more transparent. Despite the challenges, the market has held up better than expected and should recover in 2023 and beyond.


FOMO - When Fear and Greed takes the driver seat, and how to start fighting it 👊🏼

FOMO is when fear and greed drives the decision-making process in buying and selling NFTs or cryptos. Typically, FOMO-based decisions yields negative returns, and can have a negative impact on your health. Recognize FOMO decisions and try to beat it. You are not alone, these behavioural mechanisms were first recognized in the 16th century.