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MetaRats NFT Review - only for cheese connoisseurs 🧀 🐁

MetaRats is a highly anticipated upcoming Secret NFT collection. These guys aced the marketing and community building aspects and is off to a great start ahead of the mint. Read my MetaRats NFT review for more information.


Why some Secret NFTs are valuable and others aren't 🤷‍♂️

Why some Secret NFTs are valuable and others aren't, or, main value drivers in NFTs. Some things that I consider to be important when evaluating Secret NFTs and all other types of NFTs around the many blockchain networks available in the metaverse.


Waifu Stole My Seed NFT Review 👧🏼 👧🏽 👧🏻

Catching up on latest and upcoming Secret NFTs, this time I wrote a Waifu Stole My Seed NFT review. A Secret NFT that sticks out from the rest through its (potentially) tremendous utility value. A massive raffle and mystery puzzle in one.


List of top Secret NFTs I am most bullish on in 2022 🤫

Anons NFT launched in October 2021, and now we are in January 2022. Many things have happened during this relatively short time-period. Many new projects have seen the light of day. But which ones are the best ones? I put together a list of top Secret NFTs I am most bullish on in 2022. Not FA.


The Family NFT Review - Secret NFTs 👻

The Family NFT Review - a Secret NFT project wrapped in network Ethos that characterizes creators, developers and users of Secret Network.