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Secret NFTs

No, this won't be specifically about Tarantino NFTs...

As you may have gathered, I am a bit of a Secret Network aficionado. A huge fan of the wider Cosmos, of course, but Secret Network's privacy always struck a chord with me. Privacy blockchain will gain more attention in 2022 and beyond, as the growing concerns of privacy online become part of public debate, and public thought. Web 2.0 failed at privacy, Web 3.0 can do much better.

Secret NFTs resonates with me more than any other network. Even Ethereum NFTs and Solana NFTs. Why you ask? I will answer that question throughout this page. On a personal level, it has a philosophical answer, largely tied up with politics, and how I live my life. So, if you are interested in reading about my ramblings regarding belonging, alienation, politics, and privacy. You can do that at the bottom of the page.

Before that, there is a list of Secret NFTs (not exhaustive). After that I will explain the technical aspects of Secret NFTs. What makes a Secret NFT unique, and why the space is poised for growth. A list of decentralized applications tied to the Secret Network ecosystem that you need when minting and interacting with this innovative type of NFT.

If you are interested in what I think are the best Secret NFTs of 2022, have a look at this detailed list of five OG projects.

List of Secret NFTs

List of Secrets NFT Anons

1. Anons NFT

No other NFT collection in the Secret Network is more Secret Network than Anons. This is considered to be the OG Secret NFT collection. Anons NFT was released in October 2021, around two months before Stashh marketplace was released, and about six weeks before the second Secret NFT collection hit the network. Great art, community, scarcity, exclusivity, and utility are the underlying factors as to why Anons NFT is considered a blue-chip.

• Website:
• Twitter:

List of Secret NFTs Redacted Rabbits

2. Redacted Rabbits NFT

Redacted Rabbits is a top-tier Secret NFT. Second only to Anons NFT. This was the fourth collection of Secret NFTs to hit Secret Network ahead of Stashh launch. The great artwork, theme, hard-working team and roadmap has helped cement Redacted Rabbits as a potential future blue-chip NFT.

• Website:
• Twitter:
• Discord:

List of secret NFTs Mystic Skulls

3. Secret Order of the Mystic Skulls NFT

Heavy utilization of game theory drives the Mystic Skulls NFT. An evolutionary tale of 10,000 skulls with nine hidden traits. The traits can gradually be revealed by the owner through so-called time-gated trait reveals. Actions and consequences, strategy, and anticipation create exciting dynamics around collecting and interacting with Mystic Skulls NFTs. Should effectively create an active secondary market full of surprises after getting through a bumpy start during the mint.

• Website:
• Twitter:
• Discord:

List of Secret NFTs Anthea 3999

4. Anthea 3999™ NFT

Possibly the most ambitious interactive story in the format of an NFT. Thankfully, Anthea 3999 decided to build in Secret Network, utilizing the unique properties from Secret NFTs. Anthea is a planet, where three species exist. The Survivors and Glitchers which are part of the natives of Athena, and then there are the invading and totalitarian aliens Arkan. As of now, very little is known of Anthea 3999, besides the fact that it is a very ambitious Secret NFT project.

• Website: TBA
• Twitter:
• Discord:

List of Secret NFTs Secret Dogs

5. Secret Dogs NFT

The best pups of the Secret Network are the Secret Dogs. 185 unique pups, each with distinctive but secret personalities. Secret Dogs was always marketed as the first Secret NFT collection to mint in the Stashh marketplace. Scarcity and hype from the Anons community boosted the levels of anticipation of the Secret Dogs collection ahead of its launch on Stashh. As if that was needed, everyone knows that dogs plus crypto equal success.

• Website: TBA
• Twitter:
• Discord:

List of Secret NFTs Ample Agents LLC

6. Ample Agents LLC NFT

Extremely scarce Secret NFT collection, among the first to be launched in the Secret Network. Only 69 different Ample Agents LLC NFTs are available. Each with unique art, background, and secret metadata. The secret metadata of Ample Agents contain exclusive tasks only visible to the owner of respective NFT.
• Website:
• Twitter:
• Discord:

List of Secret NFTs Ample Agents LLC

7. Emergent Properties NFT

Emergent Properties NFT is unique in that it is the worlds-first private-by-default generative NFT. Generative art is as close as you can get to coding. Essentially, it is a piece of code that transforms itself into art. Emergent Properties features geometric patterns that emerge from a predetermined system which includes an element of chance.
• Website:
• Twitter:
• Discord: TBA

List of Secret NFTs Secret Rocks

8. Secret Rocks NFT

10,101 Secret Rocks NFTs have invaded the Secret Network. Besides being solid rocks this is an interactive Secret NFT game of (Secret) Rock, Paper, Scissors. Their goal is to establish an active community represented by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) which is governed by a token called $ROCK. Staking your Secret Rocks earn you $ROCK tokens.
• Official website:
• Official Twitter:
• Official Discord: TBA
• Official Telegram:

List of Secret NFTs Confidential Cats

9. Confidential Cats NFT

Confidential Cats NFT is a Secret NFT collection consisting of 690 different privacy-preserving cats. The artwork and theme of this collection is great, the supply is relatively scarce. This coupled with the fact that the team is dedicated and supportive means that Confidential Cats NFT is in a good position to establish a strong community within Secret NFTs.
• Official website:
• Official Twitter:
• Official Discord:
• Official Telegram:

List of Secret NFTs Confidential Cats

10. AnonsNFT Stickers by kersoness

About as exclusive as it can get for a Secret NFT collection, AnonsNFT Sticker by kersoness is 42-piece Anons derivative. The art features various Anons in a sticker format that's available in various communication channels, such as Telegram. I bought a really nice one, revealed in my review of this Secret NFT project. Hopeful about secondary market and increased value over time.
• Official Twitter:
• Official Discord:

List of Secret NFTs Confidential Cats

11. The Family NFT

The Family NFT is both wrapped in privacy and the Secret Network ethos. The hand-drawn art characterizes different types of roles in the Secret Network: creators, developers, stakers, and traders.
• Official website:
• Official Twitter:
• Official Discord:

List of Secret NFTs Confidential Cats

12. Waifu Stole My Seed NFT

Three guys got their wallets stolen from the waifus, mint NFTs and uncover words belonging to the seed phrases of each wallet. The goal is to recover the three wallets and claim the belongings. Each wallet is powered by royalties from the mint and secondary market sales. A massive raffle with interesting game mechanics, which gives way for interesting dynamics in secondary market and how people interact.
• Official Website:
• Official Twitter:
• Official Discord:

List of Secret NFTs Confidential Cats

13. MetaRats NFT

MetaRats NFT killed the game in terms of marketing and engagement. Before even launching, their following and community dwarfed Secret NFTs that had been around for weeks. The cross-chain aspects and utility makes it an interesting NFT besides just the community. The art also bring vibes of early 90s Master Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - who doesn't love that?
• Official Website:
• Official Twitter:
• Official Discord:

What is a Secret NFT?

Before explaining what a Secret NFT is, it is probably better to start by quickly explaining a regular NFT.

What is an NFT?

Most people probably had that experience with blockchain that makes them think: "wtf is going on here?"

Most recently, that feeling has been 1:1 with NFTs. Non-Fungible Tokens. Some people are paying millions of dollars for an NFT, meanwhile, a large majority of the population are scratching their heads saying "I could just right-click and save that JPEG."

NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token, what about it? That something is fungible essentially means that it can be replaced by another identical item. One $SCRT, or one $BTC is fungible. You can trade one Secret coin for another. However, an NFT is unique, you cannot replace one NFT with another identical NFT. Precisely because they are 1:1, one-of-a-kind. If you trade one NFT for another, you will have an entirely different NFT.

While it is true that anyone can right-click and save a copy of an NFT, the point of it is that there is ownership of the work, tied to the underlying smart contract which exists in the blockchain. Whether it is Ethereum, Solana, or Secret Network.

What are Secret NFTs?

So, what are Secret NFTs, why are they different from NFTs in Ethereum or the Solana network?

The main differentiator is that Secret NFTs have privacy-by-default. While Ethereum NFTs or Solana NFTs are public. The privacy aspects of Secret Network's SNIP-20 standard used for secretTokens has been adapted to NFTs (non-fungible), that standard is called SNIP-721. The Snip-721 standard keeps all the privacy attributes of SNIP-20 while allowing assets to be non-fungible.

Practically, how can the Secret NFT SNIP-721 standard be utilized?

SNIP this, SNIP that, privacy blabla- what does it mean to me as a Secret NFT holder. What is different from my SMB NFT or my BAYC NFT?

Secret NFTs has a lot of ERC-721 in them from the Ethereum NFTs. Maintaining the positive characteristics found in a BAYC NFT. Similarly to Ethereum and $ETH, Secret Network and transactions using $SCRT are public, public metadata is public. However, as you may know from reading my Secret Network review. Secret Networks have secret versions of tokens inside the blockchain, secretSCRT (sETH) and even secret versions of ETH (sETH). These are private-by-default, achieved through Secret Network's unique programmable privacy. This extends to the NFTs in a way that both public and private metadata can be available.

Additionally, with Secret NFTs, private ownership is achieved - which extends to transactions. Something that can be critical in many use cases.

This optionality between public and private allows for unique aspects relating to access control. Part of the NFT can be public, revealing one version of the NFT, while there is another private version only available to the owner.

What makes Secret NFTs unique compared to "regular" NFTs are these three aspects:

• Hide ownership;.
• Secret Metadata.
• Control access to connected content.

An example of a Secret NFT utilizing the unique characteristics offered by the Secret Network

Secret NFTs Redacted Rabbits
Redacted Rabbits (Redacted Club) is an example of a Secret NFT utilizing the programmable privacy of Secret Network's SNIP-721.

If you own a Secret NFT, for example, Redacted Rabbits. Your ownership of this NFT is private. This is because the ownership is hidden.

In the case of Redacted Rabbits NFT, the secret metadata contains Secret DNA that is unique to each Redacted Rabbit. This DNA contains attributes that give a hint to as to how your Redacted Rabbit will evolve (mutate) over time.

The access control relates to the secret metadata in this case, you as an owner of a Redacted Rabbit have the option to reveal the Secret DNA of your NFT.

Where to buy Secret NFTs?

Stashh, the official Secret NFT marketplace was launched on the 19th of December 2021. I wrote an early review of Stashh within the first 24 hours of its existence, you can read it here.

I also wrote this dedicated guide on how to buy Secret NFTs that you can read here.

Besides buying Secret NFTs through Stashh, you can also buy directly from owners through so-called OTC (Over-the-Counter). Some projects even have a custom-built trading tool. For example, Redacted Rabbits have a dedicated buy/sell function, so does Secret Punks. If you buy Secret NFTs OTC, make sure to use a trusted escrow (middleman). It is recommended to use Stashh though.

Stashh is the official secondary marketplace for Secret NFTs, developed by Secret Network and SCRT Labs. Stashh will be gas optimized to use $SCRT and $sSCRT, making it cheap and efficient to buy and sell Secret NFTs.

Additionally, NFT artists and developers are able to upload their projects to Stashh and conduct mints right on the platform.

Where to sell Secret NFTs?

As mentioned, Stashh, the official Secret NFT marketplace was launched on the 19th of December 2021. This is the best place to sell Secret NFTs.

I also wrote this dedicated guide on how to sell Secret NFTs that you can read here.

Besides selling Secret NFTs through Stashh, you can also sell directly from owners through so-called OTC (Over-the-Counter).  If you sell a Secret NFT through OTC, make sure to use a trusted escrow (middleman). It is recommended to sell through Stashh though.

 review coming soon
Landing page of the Stashh marketplace where you can buy Secret NFTs.

Where to mint Secret NFTs

As mentioned under the section "How to buy secret NFTs?", on Stashh you are also able to mint Secret NFT collections.

However, that is not the only way to mint. Several mints were conducted prior to the launch of Stashh. All of these were conducted with custom built contracts, each one better than the previous. Most likely there will be several mints conducted outside of Stashh marketplace in the future as well. And in a not so distant future the contracts will be perfected from a performance, gas, and usability perspective. To date, Redacted Rabbits managed the smoothest mint. Low gas fees, quick and with very few errors.

To stay on top of Secret NFT mints, check in on my blog regularly, follow Crypto Twitter, and hang around Secret NFT Discords - not least the Stashh Discord server.

At the bottom of this page, I have collected all kinds of guides on how to mint Secret NFTs.‍

Secret NFT Usecases

The unique attributes in Secret NFTs allow for many uses cases as illustrated by this infographic.

Secret NFT infographic
Secret NFT infographic. Credit: Secret Network.

Potential blue-chip Secret NFTs

What is a blue-chip NFT? A blue-chip in crypto is Bitcoin, everyone can agree about that. Similarly, in the world of NFTs there are also blue-chip projects.

A good example, and one of my personal favourites is the BAYC - Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. A collection of 10,000 NFT Apes. Each with unique traits. Owning an ape gives access to future collections, and exclusive perks as a member of BAYC. Just owning a BAYC NFT has become serious flex, both due to its scarcity/demand, price and the range of people that owns one: Jimmy Fallon, Post Malone, Shaquille O'Neal, Marshmello, Mark Cuban, Future, and many more. BAYC is also very popular among high-ranking VCs and Tech Founders/Owners.

What about Secret NFT blue-chips?

The Secret NFT space is in its infancy. This is probably one of the very few sites on the internet right now that writes a lot about it.

I have been following all the projects that have launched (five at the time of writing) and watching the ones that are cooking.

So far, the two projects that stick out as blue-chip candidates are the following two.

Anons NFT

Anons NFT is a Secret NFT blue-chip
Anons NFT is a Secret NFT blue-chip.

I missed the Anons NFT mint earlier this year. Had all my $SCRT staked and couldn't get it liquid fast enough to make the mint.

Anons NFT is the OG, and kind of official NFT of the Secret Network and accomplished a couple of firsts:

• First Secret Network NFT PFP collection
• First private by default NFT collection
• First Secret NFT community.

They have a strong community of people deep from the inside of Secret Network, closely knit to the ecosystem and all the players. As far as privacy blockchain goes, this is a blue-chip NFT.

Plus, the artwork is great.

Redacted Club

Redacted Rabbits NFT has a great shot of becoming a Secret NFT blue-chip.

I wrote about Redacted Rabbits at great length about one week before the mint. You can read that article here.

So, why does Secret NFTs resonate with me?

Let's try to answer that question.

It kind of ties in with politics. I recently had a quick chat with an elder person in my surroundings, a philosophy professor, and published author. He knows just about everything there is about political philosophy, and history, and the mechanics of politics in society - from Plato til today.
He is active politically, and asked me if I am active. I explained that I am more or less a citizen of the world, a global citizen who does not really belong anywhere. I have not lived in my home country for more than one decade, I spent the better part of one decade in a country that served as an incubator professionally, and where the political landscape resembled a soccer derby - loud noises, entertainment, and violence. Hardly worth political engagement. I also had, and have, bouts with Eastern Europe. What is keeping me from engaging politically in any shape or form is that temporary status in different states. No belonging, no cause to stand up for kind-of-thing. It will come, once I settle down, in a rural community somewhere along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, right in the cradle of Western Civilization.

Ok, but what about Secret NFTs dude?

In this day and age, we are all global citizens of the internet, whether it is Web 2.0 or Web 3.0 and beyond. The internet may seem like a dinosaur, spanning several decades, by now. But, if you zoom out on history, the internet as a thread in the fabric of human civilization is not that far gone. In the modern age of technology, the decades since its inception can be equalled to hundreds of years when looked at from the perspective of the technological evolution - what we have accomplished since the 1990s and continue to accomplish every year. But there are still fundamentals that needs to be worked out. One of the main ones is privacy rights. Somehow, along the way, that was overlooked, partly due to nefarious reasons. Today, privacy online is at best conditional. The existing privacy laws have fallen behind how the internet is utilized and consumed. Proper laws that govern how each person's privacy is treated needs to be brought up to speed for several reasons, including the following.

Keep organizations from using personal data for their own goals

Personal data has been touted as the oil of the digital age. When collected, analyzed, and utilized, personal data becomes a powerful tool. The most recent example of this is the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. Personal data taken (without user consent) from Facebook was used to influence voters with targeted political ads. That is just one of many examples where personal data is used. It isn't all bad, the issue is that privacy is not a personal right. Laws should prevent organizations from collecting, storing, and using personal information. It should be each and everyones decision if they want to grant an organization to collect/store/use data. In this area, things are improving. But the way Web 2.0 is built, centralization and the involvement of private organizations and governments, there will always be issues around privacy. There are no good solution/s to the many different problems.

I have mentioned several times how Web 3.0 can do this better. Secret Network's programmable privacy is a big step in the right direction. The technology used need to have privacy at its core. Privacy is a right by default, with the added optionality of giving up privacy when needed. Secret NFTs represent that, holding and being part of one of the leading PFP's such as Anons NFT and Redacted Rabbits NFT are badges of honour.

Maintain social boundaries

Very, very few of us have issues with privacy because of criminal reasons. I for one have nothing of that nature to hide. On the other hand, I as much as you have things I don't want other people to know about. Having the right to establish boundaries in relation to interactions online is important for every aspect of a person's life. Whether it is professional or personal. Having control over who knows what is essential.

Again, Secret Network and its programmable privacy offers this. Secret NFTs even have hidden ownership and access control.

And so much more

I could go on - trust, protect freedom of speech and thought, engage freely with politics, safeguard personal reputation, and protect your finances and persona against theft.

There is so much that can be improved, not the least raising awareness and building, little by little, a future where privacy is at the core of our technological consumption. And I can be involved with it. I am literally doing it right now by writing these words. I believe Secret NFTs as an extension of Secret Network and the broader space of blockchain privacy is a way for everyone to do that.

People update their profile picture on Facebook to reflect different causes regularly. That is at best a form of virtue signalling. Owning and using a Secret NFT PFP not only signals, but it shows you put some resources and time behind it, even better if you also engage in the privacy communities built around Secret NFTs.

How to mint Secret NFTs

I have outlined several guides on how to mint Secret NFTs.

Essentially, what you need, without going into any details:

• Keplr Wallet
• Secret Network address
• $sSCRT

Practically, how you get these things, in great detail:

• How to buy Secret Network coin
• How to get Keplr Wallet
• How to buy $ATOM and swap to $SCRT
• How to convert $SCRT to $sSCRT
• How to use Secret Bridge
• How to use Secret Swap
• How to get MetaMask Wallet
• How to mint Secret NFTs (general quick guide)

That is more or less everything you need to start minting Secret NFTs, regardless of what situation you are in. Bridge $ETH to $sETH, swap $ATOM for $SCRT, or straight up buy $SCRT from an exchange.

There are many ways to go about it. But in the end, all you need is a Keplr Wallet loaded with some $SCRT for gas fees and $sSCRT for minting the Secret NFTs.

That is all, enjoy minting Secret NFTs! And remember, if you hold an Anons NFT or a Redacted Rabbits NFT - hold on to them! Future blue-chips of Secret Network NFTs. notfa.