About Patlid.com

Recently, more and more blockchain projects have contacted me about writing copy for their project. If you are interested, please reach out on the contact options provided at Patlid.com

Personal website, writing about things that interest me in the areas of:

• Cryptos.
• Blockchain.
• Crypto Gambling.
• Yield Farming.
• Investing.

Running my own company since 2018 while working as a product owner in consumer tech.

These projects are unrelated to this blog. Opinions on this blog are my own and not the views of anyone else or any other entities. Texts are my own. Opinions are my own. I aim to provide some insights on things that interest me, and that you, as a reader, is likely to be interested in given that you are here.

Never act on any advice given on this website and do not take writings as financial advice.

It is important to note that many new and existing blockchain projects are not safe to buy into. On a daily basis, there are scams unearthed, rug pulls being made and micro-bubbles being popped.
I buy into utility projects and in some cases, projects that have less utility (pure speculation) and are high-risk of failing. I do not buy cryptos for money that I cannot afford to lose.
It is advisable, as with anything in life: do not over indulge, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Act responsibly and think for yourself.

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