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Running my own content creation agency since 2018 while working as a product owner in consumer tech.

Opinions on this blog are my own and not the views of anyone else or any other entities. Texts are my own. Opinions are my own. I aim to provide some insights on things that interest me, and that you, as a reader, are likely to be interested in, given that you are here.

Never act on any advice given on this website without doing your own due diligence, and do not take writings as financial advice.

It is important to note that many new and existing blockchain projects are not safe to buy into. On a daily basis, there are scams unearthed, rug pulls being made and micro-bubbles being popped.
I buy into utility projects and, in some cases, projects that have less utility (meme coins/NFTs) with a much higher risk of failing. I do not buy cryptos for money that I cannot afford to lose. Neither should you.

It is advisable, as with anything in life: do not over indulge, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Act responsibly and think for yourself.


FAQ Patlid.com

What cryptos do you hold in your bag?

My long-term holdings since the beginning of 2021 is $ATOM. I also buy and sell other assets regularly, as of the end of 2022 I have $BTC, $ETH, $ATOM, $AKT, $SOL, and $APT in my bag.

What NFTs do you have?

I am late to the party. I minted my first NFTs on Solana in October 2021. Not holding anything particular, thinking of picking up some Famous Fox Federation.

Are you available to write content for my project?

Yes, I am a full-time copywriter, always looking for more projects. Passionate and open to write about blockchain and NFT projects. DM me on Twitter.

What is your Twitter handle?

@LidinPatrik - DM's are open!

Why do you write about crypto casinos?

I have worked within the online gambling industry for over one decade. Placed my first bet when I was 12. I know the industry inside out from both perspectives, and I like to write about it from a blockchain perspective. So, a form of passion, I guess.

What are your favourite exchanges?

Binance for large cap. KuCoin for small cap. Full list of my favourite exchanges here, including deals for cashback on fees.

Binance Crypto Exchange

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