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LTO Network move into the online casino space through new deal leveraging DID technology 🎰 ⚙️ 👱

The CEO of LTO Network tweeted yesterday that they made a deal with a new partner in the crypto online casino industry. Where LTO Network can provide their hybrid blockchain solutions which will allow the partner to leverage LTO's DID technology. In this post, I tried to answer the questions: What is DID technology?, why it is needed and how it applies to crypto casinos.


WINk adding Betby sportsbook provider to strengthen their crypto gambling platform? 🎲 ⚽ 🚀

The other day, WINk ran a poll on Twitter about adding a new sportsbook provider. I wrote a little about it, mostly out of my own curiosity, about WINk adding Betby. The differences with their current provider and if it would be an improvement from the current solution.


FUNToken ($FUN coin) launching the new dPlay crypto casino

Eventful weeks as a $FUN hodler. After uncertainties around the future of $FUN and the new, everything is now clear, and even promising. Very promising. Besides the plan about $XFUN, they are launching the dPlay crypto casino - exclusive to $FUN coin.