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WINk adding Betby sportsbook provider to strengthen their crypto gambling platform? 🎲 ⚽ 🚀

The other day, WINk ran a poll on Twitter about adding a new sportsbook provider. I wrote a little about it, mostly out of my own curiosity, about WINk adding Betby. The differences with their current provider and if it would be an improvement from the current solution.


FUNToken ($FUN coin) launching the new dPlay crypto casino

Eventful weeks as a $FUN hodler. After uncertainties around the future of $FUN and the new, everything is now clear, and even promising. Very promising. Besides the plan about $XFUN, they are launching the dPlay crypto casino - exclusive to $FUN coin.


FUNToken new L2 token $XFUN - Part two

Following part one of my articles about FUNToken new L2 token $XFUN, I wanted to write about the new mechanisms, infrastructure and the potential upside for current and future hodlers of $FUN coin.


FUNToken new L2 token $XFUN - Part one

The FUNToken team delivering big time on their 2021 roadmap, which I analysed (correctly) back in May. They are adding a new L2 token, $XFUN, pegged 1:1 with $FUN. Keeping $FUN as a trading option on exchanges while bringing back the utility of their technology through a new utility token running on Polygon.


$FUN token 2021 roadmap includes decentralized peer-to-peer sportsbook

Dissecting the FUN Token roadmap, particularly the delivery of a peer-to-peer sports betting platform. Explanation of centralized sportsbooks' concept of margins, the value proposition of peer-to-peer betting, the L2 token and why I am positive to hodling $FUN.