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Crypto gambling company FunFair Games releases an innovative game with community crash-style elements 🚀 🌕

I have written about FunFair Technologies before. This company have a lot of things going on, on-blockchain and off the blockchain. One of their initiatives is FunFair Games. Thought I would write a bit more about FunFair, this time focused on their in-house game development. Specifically covering a recent game release that highlights how into tune FunFair is with the industry and specifically the need of innovation in online casinos. The needs and expectations between a boomer and a 20-something is radically different. I think it is promising for FunFair Technologies and $FUN that there is (it seems) a lot of competence in the team.

What is FunFair Games and what type of games do they develop?

FunFair games is a part of FunFair Technologies, a company that provides a whole range crypto gambling technology to businesses that operate both on-blockchain and off-blockchain.

They vision and goal is to deliver a new genre of crypto gambling and casino games for a new, younger and more demanding generation of players. The 20-somethings I mentioned before are a group consisting of people from Gen-Y and Gen-Z. People that have grown up playing loads of games on their screens. These players have a much better understanding of games, game mechanics and can handle games that are more advanced than what the type of games an average boomer.

If you ever spent some time in a crypto gambling site, you know that out of the 1000s of games you will find, most are the same. Slots with reels and symbols. Everything works more of less the same under the hood while the UI, graphics and sounds are different. To be frank, I am not a big fan of casino games, but I've probably spent a lot more time on crypto gambling sites than the average person. So, I know a thing or two about it. Which is why I think that FunFair Games are on the right track with developing more advanced games that younger people are more likely to engage with.

I especially like the social aspects they are bringing to crypto gambling. The types of games I referred to earlier are largely single player experiences with zero interaction with other players. With the games FunFair Games develop, they bring both a greater interaction and social aspects to casino games. Which brings us to the heart of this post.

AstroBoomers: To The Moon by Fun Fair Games.

AstroBoomers: To The Moon multi-player casino game

AstroBoomers: To The Moon has nothing to do with the recent mooncoin craze we are seeing in crypto right now. AstroBoomers: To The Moon is the latest game from FunFair Games. Coincidentally, the storyline of the gameplay of this game, kind of perfectly describes investing in a mooncoin like RocketMoon or SafeMoon:

From FunFair technologies release:

"With planet earth under siege from blazing intergalactic meteors, this first-of-its kind release invites communities of like-minded players to escape to the moon in a rip-roaring rocket, with astronomical prizes of up to 2,500x won by those who jump to safety at the right time."

Switch some words around, and you have a crazy community of like-minded investors mooning on the coin, getting up to 2,500x increase and getting some winners and losers depending on if you jump (sell) to safety before it crashes.

Ok, enough with the mooncoin comparisons. Back to the game.

How does AstroBoomers: To The Moon work?

So, this is a multiplayer game with both social and interactive elements. Players can connect to the game and place bets (up to three bets) during a game round. Betting action takes place before the Rocket launch. When it launches, as it soars towards the moon, a multiplier (up to 2,500x) is triggered. The higher the rocket soars, the higher the multiplier applied. The thing is that, at any time, the rocket may crash. The aim of the game is to try and stay on the rocket for as long as possible to get a high multiplier, and get off the rocket before it crashes. When the rocket crash, any players still on it - lose their bets.

You will see what other players do, if they cash out their bet while the rocket is still mooning, you have the option to cashout and stay safe or risk a crash in order to get a higher payout.

Below you can see some sequences from the gameplay. Pretty awesome graphics. You can try the demo here.

AstroBoomers: To The Moon players betting.
AstroBoomers: To The Moon multiplier, option to eject (cash out).
AstroBoomers: To The Moon eject before it is too late. Winning payout, bets x multiplier value.

The promise is that crypto gambling company FunFair's games can bring Gen-Y and Gen-Z to the casinos. If these games also become available in FunFair Technologies B2B platform which uses the $FUN utility token, the development of these games can have a positive effect on the price and value of $FUN token.

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