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Early Stashh Review - Secret NFT official marketplace 💎

Early Stashh Review

Yesterday was a big day for the Secret Network and the Secret NFT community as Stashh finally launched. For those that don't know, Stashh is the official marketplace for Secret NFTs. Where NFT projects can be minted, and an NFT marketplace for people to buy and sell Secret NFTs.

I though't I would write an early Stashh review outlining the key flows of the marketplace. From creating an account, verifying your account, creating permissions, viewing NFT collections and listings. Separately to this, I have created two short guides, one on how to buy Secret NFTs through Stashh, and another on how to sell Secret NFTs through Stashh.

This early Stashh review will serve as a general overview, and if you are interested in buying or selling, please refer to the other guides (accessed through the links on this page). At the bottom of this early Stashh review, I wrote down some initial impressions, thoughts, and "room for improvements".

Official contact details Stashh:

Main journeys of Stashh NFT marketplace

You can access the Stashh NFT marketplace through this link:

Where you will land on the beautifully designed landing page.

Landing Page featuring trending Secret NFTs.

Create Stashh account and authenticate

In the top-right corner, you can see the button 'Wallet' - click it to connect your Keplr wallet.

Keplr Wallet is needed to interact with Stashh Marketplace. If you do not have a Kepler Wallet, please refer to the guide below on how to get started using Keplr.

  • How to get a Keplr Wallet.

As you connect your wallet, you will be asked to approve the connection to Stashh.

You need Keplr Wallet to use Stashh NFT marketplace.

After connecting your Keplr Wallet, you will be able to view your profile by clicking the icon in the top-right corner. Proceed to click 'Authenticate' in the dropdown.

You need to authenticate your Stashh account.

To authenticate your Stashh account you need to create a permit, this requires a TX through Keplr Wallet. Click 'Create Permit and Authenticate'.

Create permit to authenticate your Stashh account.

After approving the TX through Keplr Wallet (OK to use, Average TX fee), you will be able to access your full profile.

After authenticating, you have full access to your profile on Stashh.

Access profile and view your Secret NFTs in Stashh

After that, to set up your profile and view your collections on Stashh, click on 'Profile' in the dropdown menu. This will take you to your profile page. From there you can set up profile settings such as contacts and a biography, this can be done if you plan to make your Stashh profile public. For now, however, let us focus on viewing your collections. The easiest way to do that is from your profile.

In the middle of the Profile-page you have a search field where you can search for collections by simply typing the name. For example, type "red" to get a suggestion for Redacted Club NFT collection. Click the result.

Search for the NFT collection you want to view.

You will be asked to create a permit, including approving a TX, to view the collection. Click 'Create permit to view and access the collection.' - proceed to approve TX through Keplr Wallet.

Create a permit to view and access the collection.

The collection will show up next to the search box.

Note, while you are able to create a permit to view and access the collection in question, the collection list in your profile page will be empty if you do not own any NFTs from the collection. If you own NFTs from the collection on the other than - they'll display here, and you will be able to view and access them.

NFT page.

When accessing one of your Secret NFT, you will get the page displayed above. In there you can view your NFT and see all the details of it, including:

  • Option to sell.
  • Collection description.
  • Exchange history.
  • Price history.
  • About collection.
  • Public properties of the NFT (for example, traits).
  • Protected properties.
  • Private properties.
  • Royalties setup for the collection.
  • General details.

If you want to sell your Secret NFT on Stashh - continue reading this guide on how to sell using Stashh marketplace.

Below, I will continue outlining the key flows in my early Stashh review.

View NFTs in the marketplace and buy secret NFTs on Stashh

In the top navigation bar, to the left, you will see two options, 'Marketplace' and 'Community'. The community option will lead you to join the official Stashh Discord. The marketplace option will lead yout to, well, the marketplace. Click on 'Marketplace'.

Click on 'Marketplace'.

Filter, window shopping and buying Secret NFTs

As you enter the marketplace, you are presented with a left-hand menu containing different filters that can help you find what you are looking for:

  • Status (Buy Now).
  • Spam (Not entirely sure what this is).
  • Price (Minimum and maximum price).
  • Specific Collection.
  • Currency (sSCRT, SEFI, USDT,etc).
  • Categories (Art, Game, Video, etc).

In the middle you have the gallery which will display according to the filter you are using.

To the right, you have sorting options:

  • Sort by Recently Created NFT (Default).
  • Sort by Name.
  • Sort by Price: High to Low.
  • Sort by Price: Low to High.
  • Sort by Recently Listed NFT.
  • Sort by Recently Sold NFT.
  • Sort by Most Followed NFT.

Stashh marketplace view.

Once you found a Secret NFT that you want to view, you can simply click on it. This will open an NFT listing page.

Stashh Secret NFT listing page.

An NFT listing page on Stashh looks much the same as when you view your own NFT, except for the control options and possibility to view protected and private properties. It contains everything you need to know about the Secret NFT to be able to make a decision on whether to buy or not.

If you want to buy a Secret NFT on Stashh, please continue reading this specific guide on how to buy.

On this page, I will continue covering the key flows of stashh along with a summary of initial impressions and thoughts about Stashh.

Navigate through Popular Collections

Another way to find the Secret NFTs or collections you are looking for is by navigating through 'Popular Collections'. You find this option in the landing page of Stashh, just scroll down towards the bottom of the page. Then click on any collection you are interested in, for example Redacted Club NFT.

Popular collections on Stashh.
Collection page for Redacted Club NFT on Stashh.

On the collection page, you are presented with everything relating to a specific Secret NFT collection. In this example, we see the Redacted Club.

The page is similar to the Marketplace view covered earlier, with the additions of information about the collection and contact details.

The same filters are available in the left-hand menu, except the 'Spam' and 'Collection' options.

Gallery view in the middle and sorting options to the right in the dropdown. At the time of writing this early Stashh review, some of the key sorting options are missing from the collection page.

The default status in the collection page is the full gallery of Redacted Club, containing all the Redacted Rabbits NFTs. If you want to view the NFTs that are for sale - visit the left-hand menu:

  • Click 'Status';
  • Activate 'Buy now'.

Filter for 'Buy Now'.

This will prompt gallery view to only display Secret NFTs that are for sale.

From there, you can access and buy Secret NFTs. For a full guide on how to buy Secret NFTs on Stash, click here.

Buy now view in collection page of Stashh marketplace.

Early Stashh review conclusion

Stashh as a product only being available in production for one day holds up really well. The core of the product is to solve the problem of:

  • Buying NFTs
  • Selling NFTs
  • Minting NFTs

And Stashh solves all three problems with minimum friction.

Sure, there are some improvements relating to UX and performance, but that will improve as the product matures.

Based on my initial use of Stashh I've found a couple of UX aspects (I work with UX in product development for consumer tech) which can be improved.

I would consolidate the profile menu to contain fewer actions and handle all actions from the profile page, kind of consolidate all actions to one space. Rather than allowing for some actions in the menu.

One in particular is the 'Import Collection' from the menu. I am not sure what this means. Intuitively without any context and since it is my profile I expect it to be a way to import my personal NFT collection (but this is done from the profile page itself). But that does not seem to be the case. And importing a collection requires a rather unfriendly address that I would have to look up outside the flow and then paste in here. It is plainly a bad UX interaction to have it in the menu. If the following were removed from the menu and added to the profile page, it would improve the UX:

  • My Collections.
  • Import Collection.
  • Update Collection.

Certainly some quick wins using tool tips in some places.

Would also be nice to see current floor price for each collection.

A support/contact link in top navbar. A bit of a hassle to access that if in the marketplace or a collection page with a lot of items since lazy load will continue loading as I scroll down to the bottom where these vital links are situated.

But overall impressed by Stashh and what they achieved. Excited to see what's to come for Secret NFTs and Secret Network in 2022.

FAQ Stashh marketplace

Is Stashh free to use?

Yes, Stashh is free to use. Anyone with a Keplr Wallet can access the platform. However, when executing certain actions on the platforms, Secret Network charge a minimal gas fee in relation to transactions. If you sell a Secret NFT, Stashh charge a 2.75% fee based on the sale price.

What is the seller fee on Stashh?

Stashh charge a 2.75% fee based on the sale price. Additionally, Secret Network charge a minimal gas fee to carry out the transaction of creating listing.

What is the buyer fee on Stashh?

Stashh does not charge buyers any fee. But you can expect to pay Secret Network a miniminal gas fee to carry out the transaction.

What cryptocurrencies can I use on Stashh?

At the time of writing this early Stashh review, the following cryptocurrencies are supported: sSCRT, SEFI, SIENNA, sETH, and sUSDT.

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