$VIDT Staking Guide - How to stake VIDT



It is possible to stake your VIDT coins and earn staking rewards. I will go through the steps in this $VIDT staking guide. You will need the following:

During the process of staking VIDT you will convert your VIDT ERC20 coins that you bought on an exchange to VIDT BEP20 coins in your non-custodial Ethereum wallet.

I chose to stake using Trust Wallet where to process is as follows:

  1. Install Trust Wallet
  2. Create a new wallet
  3. Add VIDT ERC20 to your wallet
  4. Transfer VIDT ERC20 coins to your wallet
  5. After the coins arrived in your wallet, transfer them to this VIDT bridge address - 0xEDCD7190E77E1D8f373ED636fCCFca436DA7F18b
  6. Add VIDT BEP20 to your wallet
  7. Receive VIDT BEP20 coins in your Trust Wallet

According to the VIDT Datalink website, APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is currently at 6%.

Boosters are available by also staking $LTO (LTO Network) and/or Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens.