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Articles about Cryptos and Blockchain.

Shade Protocol Whitepaper Analysis {S = S}

𝕊 - Reading and understanding blockchain Whitepapers can be a daunting task. Shade Protocol is no exception. However, the rewards of reading and understanding a Whitepaper will create a complete fundamental understanding of the project you are interested to invest in, or are already invested in. Reading this Shade Protocol Whitepaper analysis will give you a better understanding and save you tons of time!


Chronicle of my first year in crypto ⚰️

Started writing a chronicle of NFTs in 2021, ended up writing a chronicle of my first year in the crypto space. Value, utility, altcoin season, shitcoins, moral corruption, NFTs, and back to basics. The blockchain space is full of potential, intelligence, stupidity, and decadence. We are discovering tomorrow while having to carry all the luggage of human nature.


How to buy $SCRT - Secret Coin from CEX

Do you need to buy Secret Coin? I got you covered, here is a guide on how to buy $SCRT from centralized exchanges using fiat money.


A step-by-step guide on how to buy $ATOM and swap to $SCRT in Osmosis DEX 👨‍🔬 ⚗️

Step-by-step guide on how to swap $ATOM to $SCRT in Osmosis DEX. What is Osmosis DEX, and how to use it to swap Cosmos-based tokens?