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Online crypto gambling company FunFair Games releases another community crash-style game called AstroBoomers: Turbo! 🚀 🌕

FunFair Games, once part of the popular $FUN token, recently released a new upgraded version of their game AstroBoomers called AstroBoomers: Turbo! I wrote about the first game back in May when it was released to casino partners. Thought I would follow up with a write-up on the new game.

Short recap on who FunFair Games are and what they do

FunFair Games are a bunch of people with a long history within both blockchain and online casinos. These guys realized early that the gaming needs in an online casino, when it comes to boomers and gen z, is radically different. So, they set out to innovate the online casino industry as a whole, by building and shipping immersive casino games.

So far, what I have seen from FunFair Games is great. The graphics are next level compared to legacy game providers that typically serve the online casinos of today. Besides the graphic, they focus on social aspects where many players can participate in the same game. Traditionally, playing an online casino game is more of a single-player journey, which tends to get boring after a while.

These games from FunFair Games are so-called community crash games.

AstroBoomers: Turbo! is the fourth game (so far) from FunFair Games range of next-gen casino titles:

  • AstroBoomers: To the Moon.
  • The Wheel of Steal.
  • Five-Ball Fiesta.
  • AstroBoomers: Turbo!
  • Grab yer Booty! (under development)

AstroBoomers: Turbo! multiplayer casino game

Fast, multiplayer, and max wins up to 10,000 your bet size. A step-up from the previous 2,500x of the original game we wrote about back in May.

This is the latest game from FunFair Games, and again, planet earth is under siege:

The stakes are high, Earth is under siege from fiery cosmic meteors - time to escape to the moon! Board the rocket for the ride, but beware of the inbound threat or you’ll crash out in a ball of flames! Choose when to jump off to safety and earn the rewards!

The story remains the same, but the game mechanics are updated. This kind of sequencing of development and releases is in-line with what many game developers has been doing lately. Introducing higher risk and higher volatility versions of blockbuster games, to cater for more edgy and daring casino players.

Crypto gambling company FunFair Games released their sequel: AstroBoomers: Turbo!

How does AstroBoomers: Turbo! work?

In this social casino game, players connect to AstroBoomers: Turbo! and is loaded onto a boarding ramp connected to a rocket.

In a list in the top-left corner, all players that are connected are shown. It is also possible to see the betting activity of the other players. Each bet is represented by an astronaut boarding the rocket. The betting is fast-paced, only 5 seconds is given to place a bet. The bet sizes are suitable for players on any budget.

After the 5 seconds countdown, the rocket launches into space. As soon as this happens, the multiplier starts counting - 1,01x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x... all the way up to 10,000x. That is, if it ever makes it that high, chances are it won't. The rocket might get hit by one of the soaring asteroids any second, when that happens - game over. Your bet is lost. The trick is to eject from the rocket before the rocket ship is hit by an asteroid. When you successfully eject, you win the amount of the multiplier, relative to your bet size. When players ejects, it is visible in the game screen.

So, the aim of the game is to stay on the rocket as long as possible, to score a high multiplier that awards a bigger payout, while also getting off the rocket before it crashes.

Below you can see some snapshots from the gameplay. Awesome graphics and interactive elements compared to the games you will usually find in crypto casinos. You can try the demo of the game here.

Splash screen of AstroBoomers: Turbo!

Bet placement AstroBoomers: Turbo!

AstroBoomers: Turbo! multiplier goes all the way to 10,000x.

Bet won in AstroBoomers: Turbo!

Bet lost in AstroBoomers: Turbo!

Crypto gambling company FunFair Games continue to deliver innovative and immersive casino gaming experiences to Gen-Y and Gen-Z players. Hopefully some of the crypto casinos I have written about in the past integrate this game, like BLINk.

The next game FunFair Games got cooking is "Grab yer Booty!", something that looks like a pirate-themed crypto game. Looking forward to that one!

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