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A step-by-step guide on how to convert $SCRT to $sSCRT using Keplr Wallet 🔭

As you may know, or have heard - $sSCRT is needed to mint Secret NFTs in Secret Network. In this guide I will go through how you can convert $SCRT to $sSCRT in Keplr Wallet.

This will be a straightforward guide, but I hope it answers anyone's questions about "how to convert $SCRT to $sSCRT?", or "how to wrap $SCRT into $sSCRT?". So, here we go.



How to convert $SCRT to $sSCRT in Keplr Wallet

Make sure you have your $SCRT in your Keplr Wallet. Then head over to the Keplr dashboard, and the secret, secret, secret section -

  • Connect your Keplr Wallet;
  • A window will ask you to add token $sSCRT;
  • Submit in order to create a sSCRT address and a viewing key*;
  • Approve TX**;
  • Make sure you tick 'SCRT to Secret SCRT';
  • Enter the amount of $SCRT you want to convert to $sSCRT;
  • Approve TX;
  • You balance should update shortly, and your Keplr Wallet will reflect your new secretSCRT.

Now you are ready to mint Secret NFTs.

You can convert back to $SCRT at anytime by ticking 'Secret SCRT to SCRT'.

*The viewing key is needed to grant access to Keplr Wallet to view your $sSCRT (remember, they are private by default).

*When authorizing TX, use "Average" fee to increase the chance that your transaction goes through.


How to convert $SCRT to $sSCRT using Keplr Wallet.
Get secretSCRT address and set Viewing Key.
Confirm TX to convert tokens.


FAQ How to convert $SCRT to $sSCRT in Keplr Wallet

What is a viewing key?

secretTokens in the Secret Network are secret, they are private by default. Keplr Wallet cannot view them without you granting access. So, in order to convert $SCRT to $sSCRT using Keplr Wallet, you need to create a viewing key. Just accept TX when prompted about viewing key.

Can I mint Secret NFTs using any secretToken?

No, $sSCRT is used, unless it is explicitly stated that you can use any other secretToken.

Can I convert other secretTokens into $sSCRT?

If you have locked ETH, or BNB for example using the Secret Bridge. And you are now holding $sETH, $sBNB, or other ERC-20 or BEP-20 tokens. Then you can swap those secretTokens for $sSCRT using Secret Swap.

Can I use any other Cosmos SDK-based wallet to convert $SCRT to $sSCRT?

No, right now only Keplr Wallet supports for converting between $SCRT and $sSCRT.

What is Secret Network?

Secret Network brings privacy to smart contracts and public blockchains. It is a Layer 1 network running with an open-source protocol that lets any dApp or network perform computation on encrypted data.

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