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A guide on how to mint Secret NFTs in the Secret Network using $SCRT and $sSCRT 𝕊

There's already been a couple of Secret NFTs minted. The big one was Secret Anons that I wrote about briefly in relation to Redacted Rabbits NFT. Then there was SecretPunks NFT yesterday, where 10,000 Secret NFTs were minted in just a few hours. Two days before that, there was a mint for Secret Agent Doge NFT, which is still ongoing if you want to check it out.

I thought it would be good to write a general guide on how to mint Secret NFTs as it's gaining popularity. At the same time there are a lot of question on how, where, what - in this guide I will try to answer those questions.

It is good to keep in mind that if you are minting any Secret NFTs right now, and in the coming weeks, you are an early adopter of something new in the emerging Secret Network ecosystem. In this case, there are growth pains, networks may get congested, code-related technical aspects may not be optimal. This is natural. Be glad that you are early, and be patient as things gets better and the Secret NFTs get more mature.

Example of Secret NFT: Redacted Rabbits NFT.

How to mint Secret NFTs using $SCRT and $sSCRT

This guide on how to mint Secret NFTs is divided into two sections.

The first part will cover how to mint Secret NFTs if you already have $SCRT tokens:

  • Create a Keplr wallet;
  • Transfer $SCRT to Keplr Wallet;
  • Wrap $SCRT to $sSCRT in Keplr Wallet;
  • Mint Secret NFTs using Keplr Wallet.

The second part will cover how to buy $SCRT tokens (from both US and EU, or any other geographical location):

  • Buy $SCRT tokens;
  • Transfer $SCRT to Keplr wallet;
  • Wrap $SCRT to $sSCRT in Keplr Wallet;
  • Mint Secret NFTs using Keplr Wallet.

So, if you have $SCRT tokens already, continue reading Part 1 from here. If you do not have $SCRT tokens, click here (in progress), where you can read about how to buy $SCRT and then mint Secret NFTs.

Part 1: How to mint Secret NFTs if you already have $SCRT tokens

If you already have $SCRT, you need to transfer it to your Keplr Wallet. If you do not have Keplr Wallet yet, you need to set it up.

So, how to create a Keplr Wallet?

Set up Keplr Wallet

Keplr Wallet is an open-source non-custodial wallet dApp that supports all Cosmos-SDK based blockchains, including Secret Network and $SCRT.

It is recommended that you use the Keplr Wallet browser extension on Google Chrome. Brave is also supported, but not 100% of the features are available.

  • Install the Keplr Wallet extension in your Chrome browser;
  • After the installation is completed you will be asked to either 'Create new account', 'Import existing account', 'Import ledger';
  • In your case, I am assuming you are a new user so proceed to 'Create new account';
  • Follow the prompted steps;
  • Remember to store your mnemonic key/seed phrase safely;
  • Confirm completion of your Keplr Wallet account.

Use Keplr Wallet to mint Secret NFTs
You need to use Keplr Wallet to mint Secret NFTs.

Transfer $SCRT tokens to your Keplr Wallet

Next, you want to transfer your $SCRT token over to the Keplr Wallet you just created.

  • Open Keplr Wallet extension;
  • Most likely, Cosmos Network is the default network when you open the extension;
  • From the top header, navbar, update to Secret Network;
  • Click the dropdown and activate 'Secret Network';
  • Proceed to copy your Secret Network address to clipboard.

Activate Secret Network in Keplr Wallet.
Copy your Secret Network address.

Now, open your application where you are holding $SCRT tokens. Whether it is a DEX, Cosmostation Wallet, or a DEX like Binance.

  • Find your $SCRT balance;
  • Choose to withdraw $SCRT;
  • Paste your Secret Network address;
  • Choose the network 'Secret Network'
  • Enter the amount of $SCRT you want to transfer;
  • Confirm confirmation.

Depending on the network load in the dApp or CEX you use, the transfer time vary. It could take anywhere from instant up to 15 minutes to transfer, depending on where you are transferring from. dApp within Secret Network is more or less instant, while CEX are naturally slower.

Once you have the $SCRT in your Keplr Wallet, it is time to wrap the $SCRT and get the $sSCRT which are used to mint Secret NFTs.

Wrap $SCRT into $sSCRT through Keplr Wallet

When wrapping $SCRT to $sSCRT, you make the tokens private. These private tokens are what you will use to mint Secret NFTs which inherently will have privacy-by-default (which is what allows for revolutionary Secret NFTs).

From your Google Chrome browser, open the Keplr Wallet dashboard:

  • From chains, locate and open Secret Network from the left hand side menu;
  • Open 'Secret Network';
  • Click on 'Secret SCRT';
  • A window will pop up prompting you to create a viewing key for sSCRT;
  • Authorize the TX*;
  • Choose the amount of $SCRT you want to convert to $sSCRT (keep in mind how much $sSCRT you plan to use when you mint the Secret NFT);
  • Click "Convert";
  • Authorize TX* in your Keplr Wallet.

*when authorizing TX, use "Average" fee, or above, to increase the chance that transaction is successful.

Your $SCRT Balance and $sSCRT Balance in the Keplr dashboard should update instantly.

Wrap $sSCRT in Keplr dashboard.

Mint Secret NFTs

Now, finally the fun part!

Go to the minting website of the Secret NFT you are going to mint.

Only connect to minting websites using official links from the project.

  • Enter the Secret NFT minting website;
  • Connect your Keplr Wallet;
  • Or, simply locate and click the 'Mint'-button;
  • This will prompt a transaction dialogue from Keplr wallet;
  • Approve the TX*;
  • Wait for the transaction to complete, do not close the minting session on the website before you have confirmed that the TX went through**;
  • Once completed, you are done minting your first Secret NFT!;
  • Rinse and repeat if you want to mint more than one.

*when authorizing TX, use "Average" fee, or above, to increase the chance that transaction is successful.

**I have experienced Secret NFT mints where the UI does not reflect that the mint was successful. Without closing the minting session. Check your Keplr Wallet balance. If the $sSCRT was deducted, the mint was successful. To confirm this, open a new browser window (do not close the minting session yet), find the section of the minting website that allows you to view your Secret NFT. Confirm that you got the NFT. Only close the minting session after confirming that your received the NFT.

FAQ Mint Secret NFTs 𝕊

Do I need $sSCRT when minting Secret NFTs?

Yes, unless it is explicitly stated that you can use $SCRT, then you have to use the wrapped version of $SCRT called $sSCRT.

What is the typical gas fees when minting Secret NFTs

The gas fee varies, but at the time of writing this guide on how to mint Secret NFTs:

  • Low = 0.10 $SCRT.
  • Average = 0.25 $SCRT.
  • High = 0.30 $SCRT

Where can I sell Secret NFTs?

Once Stashh Marketplace is available, you will be able to sell Secret NFTs in the official secondary market. Until then, OTC or auctions if/when available. I would recommend waiting until Stashh marketplace is available.

What makes Secret NFTs different?

Secret NFTs comes with an optional metadata field that is private. In this secret metadata, information only known to the holder of the NFT is stored. This unlocks unique use-cases for the NFT to contain links, game items with hidden abilities, or mutations that will evolve your NFT later on. To name a few possibilities. Redacted Rabbits NFTs, for example, contain secret attributes which will allow the NFT to mutate in the future.

What is Secret Network?

Secret Network is a privacy blockchain, using an open-sourced protocol that lets anyone interact with encrypted data, brining privacy to smart contracts and public blockchains. Secret Network leads the way toward Web 3.0 privacy.

What is the best Secret NFT?

That is a subjective question. In terms of sales, Anons NFT is the best as these Secret NFTs fetch very high prices ranging from $10,000 to $100,000+ dollars. Otherwise, a high quality Secret NFT is Redacted Rabbits NFT in terms of community and utility.

Secret Anons NFT #357 sold for 15,000 $SCRT recently (around $105,000 dollars)
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