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FunFair Games release another casino crash game: Grab Yer Booty! 🐙 💰

FunFair Games which was once part of one of the most promising casino coins, $FUN, recently released yet another crash-style casino game. Instead of venturing deep out in space, players are invited on a deep-dive to the bottom of the ocean to "Grab Yer Booty!"

I've written about FunFar Games on a couple of occasions in relation to the releases of their innovative crash-styled casino games, such as AstroBoomers: To the Moon, and more recently the high-volatility version AstroBoomers: Turbo. Now I will write about their latest game, Grab Yer Booty!, which will be available through EveryMatrix network/distribution later this week.

Ahead of that, I thought I'd write about the game as usual.

Who are FunFair Games?

Before we dive into the game Grab Yer Booty!, let us just quickly go through FunFair Games - who they are, and what they do.

FunFair Games is a division of FunFair Technologies, which was previously related to the $FUN blockchain. Today, FunFair builds and ship technology relating to gaming, wallets, and platforms. The partners and end-users are both off-blockchain and on-blockchain. Their mission is to provide decentralized online gaming solutions powered by blockchain technology. The most interesting division from the company is FunFair Games, which develops innovative casino games.

The games from FunFair Games are next level, standing in stark contrast to legacy games typically available in online casinos. Additionally, their focus is on social aspects where they try to create a multiplayer journey in the casino, as opposed to the typical single-player experiences. A recipe that seems to be successful, not the least in attracting younger audiences. So far, they have gained traction by developing so-called community crash-style games. Below, you can read about their latest casino crash game.

Grab Yer Booty!, plunder as much as you can.

Grab Yer Booty! casino crash game

Quick paced, immersive, multiplayer, and max wins up to 8,888 times your stake. Not far off from AstroBoomers: Turbo! 10,000x multiplier. Besides the multipliers in these high volatility titles, the theme of the games are worlds apart. One is set in space, and the other is set at the bottom of the ocean.

As if the name, Grab Yer Booty! does not give the theme away - this game is about grabbing as many treasures as you can, before the giant purple octopus slams the chests shut, causing you to drop all your loot.

  • Pick a treasure chest to grab from;
  • Plunder as much as you can;
  • Escape before the chest slams shut and the octopus grabs you.

The 8,888 multiplier makes Grab Yer Booty! well worth the dive.

How does Grab Yer Booty! casino crash game work?

Join other players in this social casino crash game. As soon you connect, you will see other players. The game rounds won't wait for you, so if you miss the first round of your game session, just wait for the next.

Make sure you adjust your stake limit, the stake options are available to the left of the action. Pick the stake you wish to bet.

Once you are set up, and the time comes, simply pick one of the three chests at the bottom-center of the game screen. You have 10 seconds to make your pick:

  • Green Chest
  • Red Chest
  • Blue Chest

After the countdown, all three chests are open with the Octopus looming around them. The multiplier starts ticking, it has the chance to go all the way up to 8,888. But the risk is that the octopus slam the chests shut much earlier than that. When that happens - game over. Your bet is lost. What you want to do is "Grab" yer booty before it happens. As soon as you do it, your winnings are collected. Meanwhile, the game carries on, remember that this is a multiplier game where several players can participate. When the round is over, the top three winners are highlighted on the screen. All of this is beautifully illustrated with immersive graphics and effects. Creating a great atmosphere.

Below you can see some screengrabs from the gameplay of Grab Yer Booty!, I think everyone can agree that the graphics and interactive gameplay makes it stand out from traditional legacy casino games. You can try the demo of Grab Yer Booty! for free here.

Splash screen of Grab Yer Booty!

Bet Placement Grab Yer Booty!

Bet won in Grab Yer Booty!

Top three winners presented.

It will be interesting to see what FunFair Games delivers next, there is a considerable void to fill in the traditional online casino game offering when it comes to Gen-Y and Gen-Z players.

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