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Upcoming Secret NFTs in 2021 that look promising 🤫

We are now mere days away from the Stashh marketplace launch. Exciting times for Secret Network and the emerging Secret NFTs. I have written extensively about Redacted Rabbits NFT, and a short piece on Secret Punks. Plus splashes of Anons everywhere, obviously. But these three Secret NFTs are far from all ongoing and upcoming projects. Just pop over to the Stashh Discord to get an overview of what's brewing.

In this article, I wrote a short intro to a couple of the many promising Secret NFTs that will start mint and hit secondary market during this month and January 2022.

I won't write a specific introduction to Secret NFTs, if you are interested to read about that, head over to this page about Secret NFTs.

List of upcoming Secret NFTs in 2021

This won't be an exhaustive list, but rather a focus on quality, where I've written about what I believe are promising upcoming Secret NFTs.

In short:

  1. Anthea 3999™
  2. Mystic Skulls
  3. Ample Agents LLC
  4. Secret Dogs

Anthea 3999™ NFT

Anthea 3999™ Secret NFT.

Most people think that Anthea 3999 is an NFT game. In reality, it is an interactive story taken place on the planet of Anthea. It is probably the most ambitious sci-fi NFT to date - in and outside of Secret Network. The vision of the project is to create a virtual world, for people to discover and be a part of.

The litepaper and website of Anthea 3999 is under development and expected to be released soon. When that happens, we will know more about the project.

As of now, this is what we know (I've taken some liberties around interpretations):

Anthea is the planet where the stories unfold. There are three different species living on Anthea:

  • Survivors - Second generation Antheans who remain true to their ancestry.
  • Glitchers - Second generation Antheans who modified their physical features.
  • Arkans - A ruling class of aliens from another planet.

The planet Arka-1 is also part of the Anthean "universe", from where the Arkans hail.

What second generators, survivors and glitchers are a cause of is unknown to me. What I assume is that there was either a catastrophe, or an Arkan invasion, which mark a turn for the worse for Anthea and its people. What is known is that 60% of the Anthean population is made up of Survivors, who seem to be largely at the mercy of Arkans. Then there are the glitches, Antheans that decided to rebel against the Arkan invaders.

There are several known locations: GARBH, RABBH, SHARP, DUST, and JUNK. Five districts comprising the only surviving city of Anthea: Ex K.a.l.a.f. Below the city, in the sewage of K.a.l.a.f sits the base of the rebellion where only Glitchers have access.

While the Arkans invaded and took control of Anthea, it seems that they spend most of their time in majestic spaceships orbiting the planet of Anthea.

In terms of the NFTs, I assume that collection for all three species will be made available in due time. What is said is that every NFT will be in 3D, with different backgrounds, lights, and effects.

Anthea 3999 official links:

Here is some (concept) artwork from Anthea 3999™:

Anthea 3999: Survivor.
Anthea 3999: Glitchers.
Anthea 3999: Arkans.
Anthea 3999: K.a.l.a.f.
Anthea 3999: Bases.
Anthea 3999: Arkan ship.

Secret Order of the Mystic Skulls NFT

Mystic Skulls Secret NFT.

Another promising Secret NFT is Mystic Skulls. From a perspective of technical achievement, and utilization of the unique properties of Secret NFTs - Mystic Skulls take the price.

Marketed as a gamified experience, it is largely an NFT project with heavy utilization of game theory. Each Mystic Skull NFT is generated at mint. At first, the Mystic Skull is "naked" without any visible traits. However, each Mystic NFT have traits encoded to it, hidden in the Secret Metadata. With time, the NFT holder have the option to transmute the skulls to reveal attributes.

In total there are 10,000 Mystic Skulls, with 9 hidden traits. As mentioned that traits are revealed gradually where the game theory aspects comes into play. As how you interact with your skulls affects how it looks. Further strategy comes into play when considering Stashh, and secondary market. As with any NFTs, different traits are valued differently, what is known and unknown of your Mystic Skull impacts its value. This creates unique dynamics around known/unknown, rarity, and the resale/trade value.

Another aspect is how the collective market react to fully revealed skulls, versus partially revealed skulls. What about collectors looking for specific traits, is there a way to discover what traits are more likely to come based on revealed ones? Exciting stuff. Mystic Skulls is definitely one of the most promising Secret NFTs on the radar.

Mystic Skulls official links:

Here is the roadmap of Mystic Skulls and teasers:

Mystic Skulls gradual reveal/roadmap.
Mystic Skulls teaser 1.
Mystic Skulls teaser 2.

Ample Agents LLC NFT

Ample Agents LLC Secret NFT.

Ample Agents LLC NFT is one of the most exclusive Secret NFT collections launching in the Secret Network. Only 69 different Ample Agents will be made available. Each agent with custom attributes and unique unlockable content (from the Secret Metadata).

As soon as you mint an agent, you will be assigned a task/s. From my understanding is that every agent has unique tasks locked to it. Exactly what the nature of these tasks will be is not revealed yet. I suppose the only way to find out is to mint one as they become available through Stashh.

The artwork is certainly unique. Resembles the cool story and artwork from Saga Comic, namely Prince Robot IV, who sports a small television set for a head.

Ample Agents LLC official links:

Possible inspiration, Prince Robot IV from Saga Comic.

One cool revel from the team behind Ample Agents was how each Agent's metadata will contain coordinates relating to an assignment, background art, or screen. As in the example of this agent, which has the coordinates of the IBM Headquarter in its metadata.

Ample Agent LLC NFT teaser.

Secret Dogs NFT

Secret Dogs NFT.

Another exclusive Secret NFT collection is the Secret Dogs. The first ever NFT collection on the Stashh marketplace. Unclear if they will have an exclusive pre-release before the other NFT collections minting on Stashh at launch. If not, they will be one of the first collections alongside the other Stashh releases. Either way, this is a promising collection thanks to scarcity, utilization of Secret NFT properties, and good marketing. It is also one of the earliest projects, kicking off their efforts back in October. Backed by an ambitious team that we are likely to see more of in the Secret NFT space.

Plus, dogs and crypto = success. It is a formula proven successful time and time again.

In total, 185 Secret Dogs will be available. Mint price 350 $sSCRT. The project will utilize Secret NFT properties to set secret personalities that only show to the respective NFT owner.

Secret Dogs official links:

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